RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 070

Now with even more WRATH!

The battle against the Warriors of Wrath proceeded apace. Those that Gilly chose to release from his winds where defeated in detail, and the party soon turned south to another set of teleportation circles.

Again taking the blue one, they arrived in another room. The polished granite walls of this large chamber were covered in spidery glyphs. The ceiling rose twenty-five feet high, where a mural depicted a redheaded woman holding a flaming ransuer standing atop a burning tower of stone. Swords and ranseurs rested inside shallow depressions in the walls, glowing faintly to illuminate the chamber.

The east side of the room was a solid wall of billowing black smoke.

Gilly’s wind had no effect on the smoke, but did reveal it as an illusory wall, which Havelok then dispelled.

Beyond, a wide avenue flanked by crimson stone pillars ran down the center of a large chamber. The ceiling arched sixty feet above and was seemingly made of fire. At the center of the room a huge, seven-pointed star made of silver was engraved into the floor and surrounded by a circle of low-burning flames.

This was the abode of the Highlady Athroxis, and her glabrezu minion. The glabrezu called some vrocks to help with the fight and the heroes stepped forward to engage.

The Highlady used a projected image to draw some early fire, but otherwise cowered behind one of the farther pillars and the glabrezu struggled to dispel the hurricane winds.



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