RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 074 by Renbity

I should really do something about these blackouts

I come to in a secretish area of the halls of Pride with a dead peacock guy and a bunch of burned books and neatly stacked bodies. Nice.

There’s a room off to the west that remains unexplored. I go to listen at the door but Sherby dashes in front of me and announces he hears whispering and giggling.

I throw the door open and there’s a bunch of those nasty demons from lust roaming around and saying nasty things. Great. Maybe we can send Silly in with the bejeweled dildo and close the door!

One of them tries to dominate me and I nearly succumb. Sherby succumbs easily. As does not PieHole.

Silly’s blade barrier does a little damage. But now they are all hiding behind it. One of them dominates Not Piehole and sends him out to whack Silly. Silly attempts to disintegrate him and does succeed in taking him down. Not burning him with holy fire, but you can’t have everything. Shalelu fills the room with sticky webs.

I take Silly’s holy falchon and run in to whack on the only one outside the blade barrier. I was doing some pretty good damage too when one of those sex demons tells a really funny joke. No, really. It was so funny. I wish I could remember it. I swear. I fall to the ground laughing. But then I can’t remember what I was laughing about so I get up.

Shalelu tries to drag Sherby out of the room but trips on her own webs. She leaves without him. I plan to run and try to drag him out but the wench comes at me and does a lot of damage! Silly heals me and I retaliate. We’re trapped in fog, now too. Fog, webs, blade barriers. It’s no fun in here.

A few more attacks and she is dead dead dead. This angers her sisters so much that one takes some terrible damage coming through the blade barrier to attack Sherby directly. He tells us to leave the space and close the door behind us.

Leaving him in there with a good bomb to detonate I hope.

We see the flames lick out from under the door and I barge in to find everyone pretty much untouched. Dammit.

I smack the nearest one to me. Hard.

And Silly also attacks with the holy ranseur and I keep smacking them down as well. We’re down to three but I’m the only one in the room. And yet, I handle them all easily. Hmmm…perhaps I missed my calling. Maybe something more fightery would suit me more.

Now we bring Not PieHole back now that there’s no worry that he would still be dominated.

Whew. What a fight!



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