RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 075 by Renbity

Why did we come here again?

Oh yeah, we want to make some Rune Forged weapons. Particularly from the pride and lust artifacts. And then hopefully take on Karzoug at his hiding place.

I push my way up to the rune forge determined to get both my weapons done first. I lovingly dip the biter in the pool and as I retrieve the domineering blade from the liquids and raise it to admire it when the Burninator statue to the North comes to life and starts coming at me!

I carefully put the Domineering Biter away. Wouldn’t want to scratch it. And get out the bow and take a few ineffectual hits on it. He’s really mad at me, though for making a rune forged weapon so he tries to smash me into pieces.

He nearly succeeds, too. I hide in the mist Silly cast to hide in. But the statue comes at me even there. Since he’s standing toe to toe with me I may as well swipe him with the Domineering Biter. Oh it cuts through him like butter! I take a couple of good swipes at him and do great damage. It’s so much fun! My mighty power scares him off! He makes some threats and then retreats from the golem leaving only an inert statue behind.

Huzzah! We complete our rune forged weapon creation and make our way toward the library where we have left some poor old school teacher working with our robot librarian to determine the location of the Burninator. But a chance teleportation glitch landed us in Sandpointe for a bit. That’s no worry! They should welcome us like heroes and have parades and stuff for us.

Well, they don’t. It’s very confusing. But we use this time to catch people up on what has happened and to stop for supplies in nearby magnamar.

Finally we make our way to the library to see what is what. And old school teacher guy certainly told us a long ass story about where the Burninator is. I hope they give me the Cliff’s notes afterwards. Because I may have dozed off.



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