RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 076 by Renbity

A new chapter! Right?

We take a first class wind to the Kodor mountains. The food and beverage service is lousy. And the inflight entertainment consisted of dirty sea shanties sung by Silly Gawbones.

We set down pretty much in a nest of angry Rocs with Yeti on their backs because of course we do. Swell.

I start shooting at the nearest Yeti and then the nearest Roc since the Yeti are immune to the icy cold blast of the mother in law. I do some damage to one of the Roc’s too! Woo-hoo!

Silly protects us with a dome of blade barrier. Oh that’s nice. A Roc dive bombs into it and drops to the ground grossly injured. Its yeti dies on impact. I shoot the Roc to death.

We continue to drop the Rocs pretty easily and they stay out of our blade barrier after that first expensive lesson.

We kill most of the Rocs and the remaining Yeti runs away into the mountains.


Now we go back to setting camp. And looking for some appropriate sauces to accompany the roasted Roc. We sleep well that night.

We wind walk our way up the river into the higher altitudes. Brrr and hard to breathe. My life bubble keeps me warm and happy.

We come across what looks like an old mining camp with some shacks. Here’s where we can find news of the dwarves that can help us find our way. In the distance a wendigo howls. Great. That’s just what we need. I put in my earplugs and get to work…



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