RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 077a by Renbity

Why don't we ever go any place glamorous

We’re at the dilapidated mining cabin looking for information from the dwarven brothers. Monkey boy sends his evil eye…er spying eye or something in there to hunt around before we go in…but things are too locked up to get far. Oh well, that’s what we get for trying to be smart.

We make our way into the place and bust open some doors to expose some kind of creepy projection of a dwarf who is eating gold and dust. Mostly dust but some gold and he really really thinks it tastes good. I want to taste some of that. Not Piehole is in my way and he grapples me to keep me from enjoying the delicious gold dust. What the hell? I want to try it! I MUST try it! He tries to move me into the next room, but I thwart him by planking. I kick and scream but I am unable to escape. I go loose as a noodle and wriggle free. I get over to the gold dust and start shoveling it into my mouth and oh, how glorious it tastes. At first. Then it just tastes of dirt. Bleah. The visage of the dwarf shrinks into emaciation. He grows more and more emaciated and the bursts into pieces before disappearing. Along with my desire to eat dirt.

I dust off my hands. I dust off my face. I stand up primly. And walk into the next room without another word.

We make our way up the stairs to the part of the cabin on top. The stairs collapse under the weight of Sherby but he manages not to fall in. And then the chain and bucket running the length of the shaft come to life and attack us.

I slash at the chain with the biter. Seriously, who makes a construct out of a bucket chain? That is just dumb. [GM’s note: It was haunted, not constructed. Flavor and setting.]

Silly and Monkey Boy electrocute the chain.

We proceed through the rooms and I am starting to feel really hungry. Like so hungry. Oh Silly Gawbones looks so tasty. I am so hungry right now that I think the only thing that will do for making me feel better is chomping on Silly Gawbone’s arm. I take a bite out of his arm when the feeling passes. I wipe my hands. And primly wipe my mouth. And move on declining to make eye contact with the rest of the party at this time.

We move into another room and for a moment Silly seems upset about the bones in the corner…but he fires off some of his smelly energy and seems to feel better. We don’t find anything other than a bane construct earthbreaker. Neato.

Silly feels like one of the walls doesn’t go far enough and makes me scurry around trying to find out if there’s a false wall somewhere. There is and in there we find several sacks of gold dust and nuggets. And a ledger full of maps and notes…but the last few pages are torn out of it.

We all immediately assume those are the pages we need. Even me. But our speculation is stilled by a knocking at the door below. I move to the shaft to lookout. Whatever it is…I don’t want to let it in.

Not Piehole runs down the stairs and I follow him to keep him from doing something stupid.

We reach the bottom level and there’s a mighty crack and shaking like the top part is about to come off the cliff.

Monkey boy reports that the evil eye doesn’t see anything outside.

I dash out of the building all together.

There’s a flash and an explosion nearby and Sherby appears! I hadn’t seen him in a while. I run over…

Sherby is surrounded by hungry spirits who manage to get into him. Making him hungry for some Shalelu. He detonates something that injures a bunch of us trying to get to Shalelu but he does more damage to himself than the rest of us. And then the dirt eating dwarf visage appears and is surprised to discover that we are alive and not hungry. He instinctively understands that we are on our way to the city of greed…Xin-Shalast. He says he knows how to get there and will lead us there if only we can return the bones of his brother to him which are lost somewhere on a ledge to the north of us. Because of course they are. But we’ll do it because the story demands it. [GM note: ouch.]

After we get a bit of dinner that is…



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