RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 078 by Renbity

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So we head back to Magnamar to resupply and not have to stay in the high mountains where it’s cold and we can’t breathe.

We spend a lot of time doing that because we need a fair amount of special magical gear. We also have to fast for three days before we are shown the correct way to the mystical river of Avah! Aah.

We reach an area that is frozen bog and I let Shelalu lead the party safely through the shit while we wait for the river. We are hanging out in camp when Shelalu almost gets turned into an otter or something by some high powered nymph.

We send Silly to parlay with her and she says she will help us if we will get rid of a Giant problem for her. She seems to have a lot of information so it sounds like a good idea to help her out. The problem is that the life bubble has worn off and we need to work through some fatigue.

We fast enough that when it reaches midnight and there’s a full moon and we can see the ancient dried up river bed and can make our way up to where the giants are.

It doesn’t take long to find them. There’s a couple of cloud giants hovering along a chasm. Silly kicks up some snow in the canyon that we can go hide in. I get a shot off at the giant.

The cloud giants start throwing rocks at us…

I run up and hide in the snow flurries. Half the party dimension doors to one of the giants and just start waling on him. But Silly moves the snow flurries so that the eastern guy can’t see me so I steal the kill on the western giant. Ha! That’ll learn them.

The eastern one levitates down to the ground and I take some good swipes and then Shelalu returns the favor and steals the western kill.

Two more start coming out of towers and Sherby gets ready to bomb them as they do. And the little giant guy, the one the nymph implied was the leader, comes out as well. Sherby’s bombs do a bunch of damage on the little guy and then I steal the kill on the leader AND the remaining giant!! Yay me!

I feel so much stronger! Rawr!



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