RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 079 by Renbity

I lost my place again

The frosty gal gives us a bunch of useful information about what we’re about to face. I hope someone was writing it down.

We reach the south end of a valley full of a giant ice village. Not a village full of giants. I don’t think. It’s just really big.

There’s some creepy pink vulture creatures keeping an eye out on things. Guess we will have to take care of them. We land on the wall while taking solid form (not as gross as it sounds) and everyone except Silly is pretty quiet. He makes a bunch of noise…but we still get a second to fire off a shot at the one to the north.

Everyone else is diving for cover but I get a few shots off. And then Silly brings downs a massive tornado on top of the pink fleshy vultures.

That pretty takes care of them but not before I’ve used up a couple of perfectly good arrows. We start sneaking our way through the city. We’re going to let the tornado help pick things out as needed.

We run into Kif, one of the spared who is not anxious to kill us and seems to think we are long promised saviors! That certainly sounds like us! He offers to lead us to the hidden monster that sounds like it might be a vampire. Yay for vampires.

Apparently there is nothing more pressing than this for us to do. I do love a good sidequest. Plus it is foretold!

So we make a super elaborate plan that has no chance of surviving more than a round or two into battle. And in we go!

We take the bait and fire away at a few vampy skulks and an illusion. But eventually the gibbering nightmare tentacle vampire creature reveals itself.

And we start whacking on it. Monkey boy summons this creature….this…beautiful creature who so inspires me with her songs and beauty. It’s nice. She touches my soul and I am healed. We should replace Silly Gawbones with her.



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