RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 23 Postscript

The fall of PiKrak

After some harrowing moments climbing the tall Shadow Clock, the party made it to the pinnacle and discovered Xanesha.

The horrid lamia matriarch was waiting for them.

She ambushed the inquisitive Havelok, almost killing him outright with her wicked longspear. And Pikrak ran to attack, only to meet the same fate.

Her magical protection proved too powerful against Renbity’s arrows and Gilly’s spells, and she wielded her spear with too much skill. PiKrak was struck down, skewered through and eviscerated.

Havelok, revived a bit by Gilly’s healing, flew off the edge of the tower and covered the rooftop in web. This slowed Xanesha down long enough for Gilly and Renbity to jump into his arms, where he floated them down to the ground.

As they ran off into the gloom of Underbridge, they heard Xanesha laughing high up above them.



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