RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session by 049 Renbity

My precioussss

This golem doesn’t seem to like riddleses. I use my newly acquired lightning bow to hurt it a little. But the wee bombmaker makes the stone golem fall down. Silly deals the fatal blow to the thing and we make our way through the room. Some members of the party get sickened by the smoke in the room. Sissies.

We move onto the next area and there’s apparently a bunch of frozen orcs, trolls and giants in armor in the next room. Yay. I wonder if they will remain that way throughout the battle. Something tells me no.

And how right I am. They come to life as soon as the heroically enhanced not Piehole recklessly runs into the room! He makes a good cut at one and nearly kills it and runs back out again.

We chip way at them and I throw one of Barty’s fireball beads into the room which hurts them bad. It angers the headless zombie enough that he summons a bunch of zombies into the room. Yippee.

Some other powerful thing from Monkeyboy takes care of all the Zombies. Naturally the flaming forge fiend shows up as well. But a round of holy strike from Silly does serious damage to the remaining creatures. The forge fiend hides in the walls again after taking some serious damage.

We make short work of the remaining undead and move on. Or try to. The forge fiend comes roaring back and while the rest of the party runs away, I advance and put him down. Or at least close enough that the rest of the party feels comfortable coming back and completing the job.

Oh well. At least he’s done for. We’re still having a hard time finding the leader of the stone giants. We find some doors we can’t open. It looks like it takes some kind of rune to open it. We’re all excited because we have those medallions. But they are too small to open it. So we try to open other doors and all we find are three very nasty hounds. Great. Dimension dogs…they teleport around the room.


Fortunately, Not Piehole moves in to distract the beasts. And even though I am slowed and stuck outside the room. I just try to make the best of my position. Not piehole manages to survive the close quarters till there was only one hound left. And he takes that hound to the brink of death and the hound returns the favor.

But Shelalu takes a wobbly shot over Not Piehole’s head and takes the hound out! Huzzah!

I’m sure we will find the big guy soon…but not tonight!



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