RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session077b by Renbity

Maybe we can get the bones without engaging the Wendigo

We decide to make our way to the unmarked ledge to the north immediately before all our long lasting buffs wore off. We come to the river and Shelalu and I want to go left and Not Piehole wants to go right. So of course we go left. A little bit later, I want to go north. Shelalu thinks we should have already been there and Not Piehole thinks we went the wrong way before. After some serious discussion they make the wrong decision and backtrack. Surprisingly we actually end up where we wanted to go but I am sure it’s purely by accident.

The ledge is covered in fog and Silly sets us down on a part we can see and uses control winds to clear the fog. This makes it clear that a large chunk of the ledge is missing.

We pause for a moment of divination and get an answer to check deep in the cleft past the icy guardian. We decide that means getting to the back of the ledge. So we make plans to levitate, fly or skate to the back and search from there.

On the way to the back, an ice worm erupts from the ledge. Great. And here I am with a cold bow. Monkey Boy fireballs it. It takes some arrow damage from me. Way more from Shelalu. Some kind of hatchet from Not Piehole. And more fire from Sherby.

And then a scary version of the dwarf whose bones we’re supposed to get raises out of the ground with a gibbering maw of bloody teeth and holy shit that is so scary I shoot up into the air to get away from that. And up. As high as I can.

Then it feels safe to come down and people are starting to heal up from the fun. We find the frozen body and start to make our way to the cabin when we hear the wail of the Wendigo which sinks into my bones and shakes me to my core.

We drop the body off and some kind of weird acceptance ritual begins with his brother’s ghost. It’s kind of creepy to watch. Monkey boy says something wicked is coming. We get ready for it. Well, some people get ready…I just check my hair.

The howl comes again and I run like a shot into the cabin. I can’t be in the presence of such a thing! Monkey boy comes with me. I scramble under the stairs shivering.

I’m there for a long time. and finally it feels safe to come out. I run and start to ready my bow full of cold iron arrows!

Surprisingly the wendigo is still alive, I take three shots at it and they all miss! Sherby does significant damage to him, and Silly pokes him with the ranseur. I think Monkey Boy got his retribution hex off though because when the wendigo bites down on Sherby he dies instantly. The wendigo that is…not Sherby. Although Sherby is pretty squished.

But at the moment of the wendigo’s death this completely normal looking pine tree woke up and just started wailing on Monkey Boy. What the hell? Let’s all just beat up on this tree now…

While the rest of the team lobs fire at him, I get smacked from some BS dislike the tree has for rangers.

That is not right…

I withdraw and move away while everyone else keeps lobbing fire at him.

And he rather quickly goes down. Nice…

And then we still have to wait for the Vekker Brothers to complete their reconciliation thing. It’s still pretty creepy. And fortunately the right brother wins. And Silas fades after telling us to look in the ledger. And we were all “dude we already looked in there and the important stuff was missing.” But then when we looked again it was there. Go figure.

On to Xin Shalast it would seem…



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