RotRL Wednesday Nights

Undead Are Stinky

What’s the deal with these scarecrows? Some inferior class farmer comes crying about how his scarecrows are coming off of their stakes and attacking people. Why not just stop putting up scarecrows? Sheesh.

It’s absurd, but we THEN decide to actually go take a look. Silly puts some kind of spell on us to hide us from the scarecrows, like they can see through those button eyes anyway. One of the scarecrows jumps off of its post, but it runs right past us. Too bad, because Biter was waiting for some flesh to rip apart.

We stroll right up to the farmhouse where farmer scaredy-pants lives and it stinks to high haven. Then a bunch of those ghouls come out and Silly Gawbone’s spell stops working. Great timing, Silly. I have to start whacking ghouls who are trying to paralyze me, but screw them…I’m immune. Much like I was immune to that scratchy crotch itch those three guys had at the tavern, but that’s another story.

I wish I could say the ghouls were a challenge, but they kept stepping into the Biter and flying apart in pieces. PiKrak had to get some paralyzation on him, but he still made a good baited shield for the rest of us. Those stoopid ghouls just kept running up to him and letting the rest of us mow them down. Stoopid ghouls.

A bigger ghoul popped out of the other farm building where I assume he was probably sitting on his pile of treasure. He didn’t last long enough to find out if he was any tougher than the others. Probably just illegal growth hormones making him all bulgy.

Anyway, before I could even work up a good appetite all of the ghoul-scarecrows were dead. Now it’s time to go get that big one’s treasure. I need new shoes.



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