Conna the Wise

An old giantess


And old angular giant. She wears heavy bearksins over her shoulders and a spear rests by her side.


Conna was once spiritual leader of her tribe, whose most notorious member is Mokmurian

Her husband was chief, until Mokmurian killed him. She contacted the party in the caves below Jorgenfist and offered help and back story. She gave the party directions to the Library level, and helped create a diversion.

She said the following:
“We can talk safely here. To show his break with the old ways, Mokmurian killed his Tribe Father in this room…my husband. His spirit now haunts this place. The other giants fear it and avoid it. We should have a little privacy, but not much time.”

“Always have the stone giants brought stability and reason to the other giants of the world. Always we have cooled their passions and warlike ways. Until now.”

Regarding Mokmurian:
“In stone giants, magical ability is rare, and it is almost always accompanied by some deformity, whether in features or size. But this weakness is accepted because a sorcerer can bring power and stature to the tribe. Some born with the gift have strange crystals growing from their skin, or have skin smooth like a river stone. Mokmurian, however, was just a runt.

Barely 10 feet tall when he came of age, his parents bore this shame happily for they knew he would soon be a powerful sorcerer. But Mokmurian knew the truth, and was unhappy and afraid. He had not talent, no gift. He wasn’t ever going to show such power.
But he was smart and canny. He hid the truth from a young age, and searched through the belongings of those adventurers the tribes killed, and learned to read the carvings on the buildings of the old masters.
In this way he learned our greatest taboo: the study and writing of magic; the magic of our ancient slave masters. This truth he hid skillfully from us all, pretending that his gift was natural. It was not until long after he had taken a wife that she discovered his secret. She was furious and ashamed. Her denunciation brought her own death, but the tribe combined to send the upstart runt into the wild. He avoided our hunters by coming to this Valley of the Black Tower, a place of the old masters and forbidden to all giant kind.
For many years there was no sign of him. But eventually he returned, stronger than ever…stronger than any giant we had ever seen before. And he brought with him the lamias, the lion-women and the snake women. Dragons also he commanded. Such power he matched with flowing gold, and those not tempted by greed were cowed or destroyed.

I have since learned that Mokmurian discovered much in this Valley of the ancient ones. Eventually he journeyed far to the north, and he says he visited the ancient city of Xin-Shalast and learned many secrets.
But I fear that at some point he fell under the spell of one of the ancient masters. " Karzoug " is his name and he drives Mokmurian to strange and horrible deeds. All of the army is branded with the Sihedron Rune in a terrible ritual of initiation. Death comes early and often to many of the gathered tribes, for the smallest offense.

It is because of these crimes that I have looked for an opportunity to oppose Mokmurian. His army is held together solely by fear of him. Should he be killed, this unholy army would return to the tribes that are our nature."

Conna the Wise

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