Jakardros Sovark

A grizzled human ranger with a patch over his right eye


A grizzled, one-eyed human ranger with a face as tough as leather.


Jakardros lost his eye to a close call with an ogre hook a decade ago.

For many years he was second-in-command of Fort Rannick under Commander Bayden. He feels he is responsible for the loss of the Fort.

When Jakardros was younger, and before he joined the Black Arrows, he spent a few years as an adventurer. His group eventually ended up in the region around the Mierani Forest, where they helped a small village of elves defeat a group of murderous ettercaps led by a green dragon. Jakardros’s adventuring companions all perished in the fight, giving their lives for the elven community of Crying Leaf. Jakardros was nursed back to health by an elven priestess of Desna there, and the two of them fell in love. Jakardros would have lived the rest of his life in Crying Leaf had not his lover, Seanthia, herself perished when the village was attacked by the resurrected dragon 3 years later. With Jakardros’s aid, the town defeated the dragon again, but Jakardros was too broken-hearted to remain. He gathered his belongings and, within minutes of the dragon’s death, left Crying Leaf behind him, abandoning the sorrowful task of attending to Seanthia’s funeral to his stepdaughter, Shalelu. His heart hardened, he eventually heard of the Black Arrows and applied for membership, hoping that service to the order would help him bury his broken heart..
To a certain extent, his plan worked. But now that Fort Rannick is lost, his old melancholy has returned. He bitterly regrets leaving Crying Leaf, and wished he’d died in the second dragon attack, or at the very least in the recent ogre attack on the Fort.
This suicidal impulse is tempered greatly by Shalelu. Now that she’s forgiven him for leaving Crying Leaf without a word, he is devoting himself to protecting her, doting on her as if she were his own daughter. He’ll fight to the death to protect her, but otherwise breaks off combat and retreats if brought below 20 hit points so he can stay alive to defend Shalelu in the future.

Jakardros senses that the fiercely independent Shalelu is still trying to process this devotion, and he’s noted that his committed animal companion Kibb seems a bit jealous.

Jakardros Sovark

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