Sir Melthas

A large, imposing man in plate armor... a Royal!


Sir Melthas is a tall, haughty young man who speaks with the distinct accent of privilege. He wears very expensive armor and carries a massive tower shield marked with his family’s crest. When not covered by a horned helmet, his long black hair is tied in a neat ponytail.


Sir Melthas is the son of a wealthy noble family of Korvosa. His brother Pikrak was abducted by Varisian gypsies when they were both very young.

Melthas grew up in comfort. He was trained in the use of the axe by the finest teachers from Cheliax.

His father is still closely aligned with the devil-worshiping House Thrune of Cheliax. But Melthas’ good nature led him away from becoming a Hell Knight (a path common for one of his background and station).

Melthas decided to find his long-lost brother, but arrived in Magnimar only to find that the unfortunate Pikrak had been killed.

Sir Melthas

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