The ghost of a once beautiful nymph


Once soul-shakingly beautiful, the nymph princess Myriana is now a haggard, ghostly horror. Her disembodied arms float at her sides, exposed bone and sinew stretching toward her torso but ever too far out of reach. Her lower torso fades away to smoke, savaged too cruelly by the ogres for even her insane ghost to retain. But her most terrifying feature is her eyes: wells of hellish horror, crying out silently in an agony beyond anything a mortal creature could ever know. They reduce those who try to hold her gaze to gibbering children. She is beauty undone, and torment incarnate.


A long-time lover of the Fort Rannick Commander, Lamatar Bayden, Myriana was murdered by ogres of the Kreeg clan, and Lamatar was captured and perhaps killed.

Since then, her home in the Whitewillow region of the Shimmerglens has become a haunted wasteland.

Her ghost required the body of Lamatar (or just the tip) in order to be at rest. This was duly delivered by Renbity, who received Myriana’s Blessing [+4 insight bonus on all Will saving throws, Craft checks, and Perform checks]


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