A Varisian barbarian, newly arrived from the hinterlands


Pikrak’s wandering family has crossed Varisia from Korvosa to Riddleport many times. But he always liked Sandpoint the best. However, once returning to Sandpoint for a few days, he quickly decided to adventure and avoid all women in town. Well, it was all started after meeting Miss Lady “Had her own agenda” Vinder at the Swallowtail Festival. He gave her a pin he won in a contest, and then she tried to get him into a scandal with her father, the owner of the general store we have frequented.

Some time had passed now, and PiKrak was feeling mighty big and awesome since him and his little group of friends risked their lives and saved poor Sandpoint. It was in risk from being taken over by some crazy cult that seemed to always fall asleep at weird times. He got to flex when he came back into town with a big ole crown that would fit a giant. SO, continuing that feeling, he won the coin purse at The Hagfish and felt “richer than a king”. Not only that, all witnessed as he whittled his name into the ceiling of the Hagfish to be reminisced always.

After traveling to Magnimar, Pikrak met his end at the tip (and most of the shaft) of Xanesha’s longspear.

So ended PiKrak, the middle son of Family BeCarst!


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