Shalelu Andosana

An elven ranger who hunts in the Sandpoint Hinterlands


Shalelu isn’t quite a bounty hunter, a survivalist, or a mercenary, but rather a mix of all the three. The elven woman passes through Sandpoint once or twice a season to buy supplies and never remains more than a few days, always staying the same room at the Rusty Dragon Inn free of charge thanks to her long friendship with Ameiko Kaijitsu.
Near the end of each visit, she meets with Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin for a few hours at the garrison to give a report on the state of the hinterlands before she leaves town again, a pouch of gold at her side. Both Hemlock and Deverin value Shalelu’s reports, since the provide unbiased insight into how the local farmlands are faring and keep the town council abreast of burgeoning dangers int eh region.

Shalelu went to the Hook Mountain Region to find her mother’s one-time lover, Jakardros Sovark. Shalelu’s memories of Jakardros are mostly of a young, exuberant man. She wasn’t sure what her mother saw in the impulsive young human, but she was glad he was there for her. When her mother was slain in a dragon attack, Jakardros left suddenly and without explanation, leaving Shalelu with a bitter impression that eventually drove her into the isolated life she has lived for the last several years as a bounty hunter in the Sandpoint hinterlands. She recently learned that Jakardros had taken up with the Order of the Black Arrows, and she wanted very much the opportunity to find out why the man had abandoned her so abruptly after her mother’s death, if only to convince herself that he hadn’t been taking advantage of her mother in some way. If he had, she wanted the chance to even the score.

Shalelu Andosana

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