Ruler of the Shimmering Veils of Pride


An immaculately dressed human man with shoulder-length blond hair. He was in possession of his notes


Although the Vaults of Greed are more decadent, and the Iron Cages more deviant, the Shimmering Veils of Runeforge housed the wizards who took the greatest pride in their roles here. Their leader, Vraxeris, was handpicked by Runelord Xanderghul, and his apprentices were the most loyal of all in Runeforge. Although all seven wings worked together, and, in theory, were equal, in time it became apparent that Vraxeris and his illusionists were the best suited to leadership and innovation.

As a result, in the thousands of years after Thassilon fell, Vraxeris was the only one of the original runelord apprentices to survive. In other wings, apprentices like Ordikon the Mithral Mage (Greed) or Azaven (Gluttony) took command. In the Shimmering Veils, Vraxeris retained control. Even after his apprentices died of old age, he remained, for Vraxeris had mastered the art of creating clones.

Yet Vraxeris’s skill at cloning himself went beyond even what the spell itself allowed, for each time he aged and died, he was reborn in a fresh, young body. As long as he could maintain his studies and experience, Vraxeris was effectively immortal.

It took the awakening of the Runeforge Well to disrupt this cycle. Vraxeris aided the others in defeating the Abjurant Halls, then turned his considerable mind to the question of why the well had awakened. If anyone would know the secrets of Runeforged weapons and how to use the Well, it would be him.


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