Fort Rannick


A remote fort, close to Turtleback Ferry.

Funded by Magnimar in return for taxes and other fees paid by the residence of Turtleback Ferry, this remote fort guarded against the ogres and ogrekin surrounding Hook Mountain.

A band of rangers – the Order of the Black Arrows – was stationed here and charged with keeping the region safe from ogres and other monsters.

For decades, they had been successful.

The fort is located at the northern end of a wide valley that runs along the southern edge of the mountains. This bleak landscape stretches on for miles along the border between the mountains the Kreegwood. This rugged, forlorn landscape fits well with the morose and grim attitude of the Black Arrows.

Treachery involving Lucrecia and Kaven Windstrike led to a night of red ruin, where the fort was overrun while both Lamatar Bayden and Jakardros Sovark, the highest level commanders, were away.

Our heroes liberated the Fort and put the Kreeg ogres to the sword.


Fort Rannick

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