Sihedron Ritual

A method of murder that involves marking the victim with the Sihedron Rune before death.

This apparently makes the greed of the victim’s soul beneficial to Xanesha’s “master”, now known to be Karzoug the Claimer.

The victims of the Sihedron Ritual include: Banny Harker, the con-men at Bradley’s Barn and Crade Hambley, and apparently many others in Magnimar.

Additionally, many of the people of Turtleback Ferry were marked with the Sihedron and thus fed Karzoug when they died in the sinking of the Paradise , or in the subsequent flood.

Of course, all of Mokmurian’s giants have been marked. So those who raided Sandpoint, or who had gathered at Jorgenfist were also feeding Karzoug when they died.

Sihedron Ritual

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