A small island of the Nettlewood coast that is said by some to resemble a decapitated head. It is home to the Thistletop Goblins.

A rope bridge spans the gulf between the cliff and the roundish, flat-topped island sixty-some feet to the north. Thick patches of nettles and briars grow here and there atop the island, but its most impressive feature is a wooden one-story stockade. Two thirty-foot-tall watch towers guard the stockade’s southern facade.

Thistletop 01small

The stockade is made of thick wood. Closer inspection reveals that most of the wood seems to have been scavenged from ships – a few nameplates remain affixed to some of the beams, while other timbers look like they might have once been masts.

Below the stockade is a dungeon of fairly recent construction. This appears to have once been a secret shrine to Lamashtu, taken up as a lair by Nualia and her gang.

Thistletop dungeon 01small

Hidden behind a secret door in the archeology room is a stairway leading to a much older complex below.

Thistletop 02 w hidden small


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