A legendary lost city.

Xin-Shalast is a legendary lost city, rumored to be hidden somewhere in the Kodar Mountains. Stories hold that Xin-Shalast had gold streets and gemstone buildings, and sat under the gaze of a “mountain that could see”. None have yet discovered its location, but many have tried.

Xin-Shalast was the capital city of an empire called Shalast, one of seven that comprised the ancient empire of Thassilon. Legend holds that Xin-Shalast lay at the headwaters of the sacred River Avah – which Varisian folklore says leads to an earthly paradise sacred to Desna. Unfortunately, no record of where this river may have once flowed exists today, and most scholars believe the river itself to have been destroyed during Earthfall.

In the final centuries before Earthfall, Xin-Shalast was ruled by Runelord Karzoug the Claimer, one of the last Runelords. The primary architects of the immense city were tribes of giants, themselves ruled by powerful beings known as Rune Giants.

The Spires of Xin-Shalast (Karzoug’s Palace) stand upon the mythical mountain of Mhar Massif. This mountain of legendary proportions pierces the skies above the Kodars, and is said to be the highest peak in the entire range of stupendously inhospitable mountains.

Mhar Massif is said to serve as a bridge to strange realms beyond Golarion, notably to the nightmare dimension of Leng, and thus is infused with dangerous eldritch and otherworldly energies.
At the foot of the mountain, overlooked by the Spires, stands the Lower City of Xin-Shalast, where the innumerable servants of the runelord dwelt. From his palace high above, the runelord used unholy ceremonies and incantations to rule his vast kingdom.


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