Chapter 5: Sins of the Saviors


The Skinsaw Cult, the Hook Mountain Ogres and the giants of Jorgenfist were all part of Runelord Karzoug’s plan to rise once more. In defeating each murderous threat, the heroes have inadvertently sped Karzoug’s return through their killing of foes marked with the Sihedron Rune.

However, an ancient site known as Runeforge hides keys to defeating this ancient evil. Our heroes spent a long time in the Therassic Library learning about the site and searching for clues to its location. Mokmurian’s Map suggested that the Old Light in Sandpoint might provide a way to find Xaliasa aka “The Scribbler”, a traitor who knew the secret of Runeforge.

Travelling back to Sandpoint, they discovered that an eerie sinkhole had opened in town, above the Catacombs of Wrath, and that stairs within the Catacombs had been cleared to a level further below. They encountered The Scribbler (aka Xaliasa) in this ancient shrine to Lamashtu, and confronted the mad cultist and his demon ally. The Scribbler turned out to be a formidable foe. Chasing him through the ancient shrine, they finally cornered him in his final sanctum and defeated him. At that point, they’re able to decipher his Rhyme, which gave them clues to find Runeforge.

The rhyme led the heroes to the shores of Lake Stormunder, and an ancient stone circle at the base of the frozen mountain of Rimeskull. There, their clever use of magic released the keys to Runeforge. Unfortunately, it also woke the ancient, slumbering white dragon Arkhryst. A horrible battle ensued, and Sherby almost died in the dragon’s jaws. But the combined might of the party (and Sherby’s explosive self-sacrifice) drove the dragon back to its lair. The heroes pursued into Rimeskull and cornered the beast near its treasure hoard. Sir Melthas landed the fatal blow.

In Arkhryst’s lair was the gate to Runeforge, and using the keys the heroes entered the portal to that hidden home of ancient lore. Hoping to find the secret for creating Runeforged weapons, they were confronted with seven passages (one for each of the Runelords). They first explored the Abjurant Halls of Envy. This area seems to have been recently destroyed, but contained a special magical liquid.

Next, they decided to explore the Iron Cages of Lust: the domain in service to Runelord Shorshen. A large room contained several flying demons and a huge tent. Following Gilly’s gales, they fought their way into the tent and killed the succubus Delvahine.

Leaving behind Delvahine’s obscene toys, the party made their way to the Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony. They made quick work of the lesser guardians. In fact, nothing in the tomb was too difficult until t hey reached the sanctum containing a lich necromancer and his devourer minion. The lich’s prismatic spray killed Renbity and sent Sir Melthas to the plane of Nirvana.

A raise dead and some plane shifting later, the party was reunited and returned to the central hub of Runeforge. The secret to Runeforged weapons and the defeat of Karzoug still eluded them. So, they pressed on through the Festering Maze of Sloth. Some nasty demons came out of the foul water, but the main event was with Jordimanius, ruler of the Maze. He was defeated in an epic battle.

Now with information on the components needed for Runeforged Weapons, the party back-tracked to the Iron Cages for an item, then moved to the Vault of Greed. It was guarded by a trap and several stone golems.

Chapter 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants


The various links to the Sihedron Ritual seem to be coming together, as all the greedy souls harvested by the The Skinsaw Man, Xanesha and Lucrecia, as well as the attack on Fort Rannick, all point to a powerful stone giant gathering an army in support of some mysterious master.

Of course, there was the pressing problem of the imminent attack on Sandpoint hinted at in Barl’s note, but the party was confident they would arrive in time. They did, in fact, arrive in time, being able to scout outside Sandpoint and realized that the giants would attack in the morning. They spent the evening setting traps, arranging defenses, and setting fire to the forest outside the city walls.

In the morning, the wind changed and blew towards the sea, covering the village in smoke from the forest fire. This provided excellent cover for the giant’s first round of attack. But the heroes rebuffed this easily. Unfortunately, the attack was being supported by a red dragon, which had no problem seeing through the smoke, and proved to be a dangerous foe. Once the dragon was chased off, the party quickly gathered their wits to defeat the rest of the giant raid. This raid was led by Teraktinus, who appeared to be gathering some pieces of the Old Light for an unknown purpose.

An eventful trip back to the Shimmerglens discovered that the giants likely wanted to gather a piece of the Old Light so that their elders could cast stone tell upon it and gather some information. What this might information might be, the party did not learn.

But it did suggest that they needed to confront the giants at their base, Jorgenfist. An army of the many tribes and kinds of giants was being gathered in secret valley in the Iron Peaks. Resolved to defeat this threat to all of Varisia, the heroes traveled far, fought their way up the Storval Stairs and eventually reached Jorgenfist.

The army was encamped about a massive fortress that looked into a deep river chasm. Avoiding the army, they entered some caves, lost Jakardros to a deep fall, and met a friendly gnome named Sherbethelbast before attacking the caverns.

Once they were in the caverns below Jorgenfist, they met an ally in Conna the Wise who helped them navigate the first level. They descended to the Library level where they found many horrible creatures, including a particularly troublesome forge fiend. But they managed to defeat Mokmurian in a difficult battle. Once the last of his minions were mopped up, his army dispersed, and threat of the giants to Varisia was destroyed.

But Mokmurian was a servant of Karzoug the Claimer (who finally took notice of the heroes) and was tasked not only with the conquest of Varisia, but of finding and entering a place called Runeforge. Perhaps the Therassic Library can provide some answers about Karzoug, Xin-Shalast and Runeforge.

Chapter 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre


With Xanesha fled, the party was left to hunt down rumors of her older sister in the small village of Turtleback Ferry. Arriving there from Magnimar would involve a week’s travel across the wilds of Varisia.

An eventful trip up the river led the party to Turtleback Ferry, where they learned of recent troubles surrounding Fort Rannick. Following a rumor about the Commander of the fort, the party traveled to the Shimmerglens and met a distraught pixie named Yap.

Yap led them into Whitewillow, where they met the ghost of the nymph Myriana. Following her tale of woe, they decided to head to Fort Rannick. On the way, they encountered a trapped cougar who was being hunted by an ogrekin and his dogs. Chasing off this threat, they prepared to resume their journey.

But Kibb the cougar tugged them deeper into the forest, and thus led them to the Graul Homestead. Awful hillbilly hijinks ensued.

The fight ended with Mammy Graul’s death in the basement. With the rest of the homestead cleared, the party found three surviving members of the Black Arrows captive in the barn.

After interrogating the former captives, the party made their way to Fort Rannick and began infiltrating the ogre-infested complex. They chose the secret tunnels behind the waterfall. They found the tunnels infested with shocker lizards, and paused to consider their options.

The decided that throwing a spear and running forward was a good plan. They were all horribly shocked by the lizards, but managed to slay them all. Moving forward, they discovered Lucrecia’s lair, and engaged the lamia matriarch. Lucrecia revealed Kaven Windstrike as a traitor, and the rogue turned on his companions. Lucrecia begain to take damage, but used dimension door to escape, leaving Kaven behind.

Kaven was quickly cut down and the party headed upstairs to kill more ogres. The ground floor was easy, but the tower proved very difficult and a horrific battle ensued.

The party faced and defeated several Kreeg leaders, including Dorella, Hookmaw and the fearsome Jaagrath. Once he was put down, Lucrecia was forced out of hiding, and she attempted to kill the party. Not only did she fail in this mission, she failed to escape with her own life.

Heading out into the courtyard, the party surprised and dispatched the remaining marauders of Fort Rannick. They then rested extensively and decided on their next course of action.

A nearby hawk shared important information First the dam at Skull’s Crossing had broken, and was gushing water. Something large had gone over the lip of the dam and the village of Turtleback Ferry was in danger of flooding. But the party was more interested in the fact that Lamatar Bayden’s body had been taken to the Hook Mountain Clanhold by the ogre raiding party that had killed him in the Shimmerglens. If Myriana could be appeased, maybe the rains would end.

They decided to investigate this first, and assaulted the cave at the top of Hook Mountain. This turned into a lengthy process and many ogres were killed, along with some hags. (Perhaps the hags were causing the rain?) But they found the body of Lamatar Bayden and found the stone giant who was commanding the ogres.

This stone giant was Barl Breakbones, a necromancer charged with subjugating the region and helping Lucrecia with her task. He was quickly defeated. He held a note which suggested that Sandpoint was facing imminent attack. It also hinted that a giant army was being gathered at Jorgenfist.

The party now faced a variety of threats. Myriana’s ghost would rise up and destroy the living if Lamatar’s body wasn’t returned. The dam at Skull’s Crossing was set to collapse, destroying Turtleback Ferry (and its Sihedron-marked populace), and Sandpoint was targeted by a giant-raid. After Havelok and Renbity teleported to the Shimmerglens to appease Myriana, they chose to deal with the crumbling dam.

The dam was being sabotaged by ogres, who were in turn being harrassed by a resident tribe of trolls. Working on the political principal of “the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy”, the party killed both the trolls and the ogres.

Investigating further into the interior of the dam, the party encountered a nasty skrag and a skittering scorpion-thing made of skulls that almost killed both Shalelu and Sir Melthas. But after this they found that dam wasn’t working because the bound devils that powered the thing were too weak. They made a deal with the surviving devil to fix the problem and open the floodgates.

After averting disaster at Skull’s Crossing, the party heads back to Turtleback Ferry to find the village ravaged by flood and recovering from an attack by the monster Black Magga. Giving their condolences, they gather information about Jorgenfist and plan a trip back to Magnimar to rest, recover, shop and find some replacement rangers for Fort Rannick.

Chapter 2: The Skinsaw Murders


In which some terrible murders lead to a tragic family, a horrible cult, and then to the mysterious figure of Xanesah, a harvester of greedy souls.

Having defeated the threat of Nualia and the goblins, the party settled down for a bit of rest. But Sheriff Hemlock had some trouble at the mill.

Banny Harker and Katrine Vinder had been brutally murdered, with Banny’s body inscribed with the Sihedron Rune. The clues pointed to an undead murderer who used the river to move around.

The party then investigated the earlier murders . This lead to a confrontation at Habe’s Sanatorium where the head physician was doing odd experiments and harboring an itinerant necromancer.

This left Renbity blind and the party with rumors of ghouls in the farmlands to the south. More detailed information pointed them to a local farm.

There they found ghouls tied up as scarecrows in the fields, and a nest of ghouls and a ghast in the farmhouse and barn.

Exploring the barn and then heading back to town, they interrogated several surviving witnesses. They were unable to determine what connected the unrepentant con-men, the embezzling miller and the miserly farmer.

They decided to follow-up on the remaining clue: the key to Foxglove Manor, a place on the coast known locally as “The Misgivings”. Explorations of the house began…

..and proceeded quickly. Gilly’s use of hide from undead meant that the heroes were not molested by the various haunts of Foxglove Manor. They found Iesha Foxglove, the murdered wife of Aldern (who was himself now the Skinsaw Man) and both undead were destroyed. PiKrak was distraught for a bit.

A strange note explained that the Sandpoint murder victims had been killed for the greed in their souls. It also contained a clue as to who was ultimately responsible…someone by the name of Xanesha.

Following up on this note led the party Magnimar, City of Monuments. Exploring Foxglove’s Townhouse, the party learned that Aldern was working for the Brothers of the Seven and that their cult could be found at the Seven’s Sawmill. There they defeated some cultists, and captured Justice Ironbriar and got some loot.

Interrogating their captives, they learned that the cult had recently been dominated by Xanesha, who had diverted their murdering ways towards the Sihedron Ritual, finding greedy victims to be destroyed. After breaking Xenesha’s charm on Ironbriar, he told them that they could find the evil woman in the Shadow Clock.

Making their way to the Shadow Clock, they defeated the golem guardian on the ground floor, cleverly using silence to hide their efforts. But the long climb up the tall tower proved difficult, with faceless stalkers, a falling bell and, ultimately, the deadly Xanesha. Her barbed spear took the life of Pikrak, and the other three heroes fled back into the streets of Magnimar.

They spent a week or so tending their wounds and crafting magic items and then returned to the Shadow Clock with Pikrak’s brother, Sir Melthas. The party discovered that Xanesha has fled, leaving behind only a note from her sister.
This contained rumors about Turtleback Ferry and Fort Rannick. The heroes decided to follow-up by traveling there…up the Yondabakari River.

Skinsaw banner


Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings


In which the party saves the town of Sandpoint from goblins and first hears rumors of Thassilon and the Sihedron

Goblins attacked twice in force, but these weren’t random raids. Nualia was planning to burn the entire town as a sacrifice and complete her own transformation into a demon.

Nualia had allies of some sort below Sandpoint but our heroes seemed to have killed most of them. The quasit was chased off, but not killed. The heroes then turned their attention to Thistletop, where Nualia planned to gather a massive force of goblins.

Our heroes found the lair, entered the stockade and killed the goblin chief. Then they entered the lower dungeons. There they defeated Nualia’s minions, and found the way down into an ancient Thassalonian complex.

Here they defeated Malfeshnekor and seem to have ended the threat to the town.

Nualia has escaped, and her whereabouts are unknown.


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