RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 089 by Renbity
And so it begins...

We prepare for battle. Silly summons some planar allies. They are friends of Ruru and spend all the prep time gossiping with each other. Of course.

Shalelu is short of arrows, so I share some with her.

And then we buff! Barkskin, gravity bow and life bubble for me. And then some holy salve on all my remaining arrows.

We step into the portal and onto the arrival platform surrounded by fire. Nice. There are Rune Wardens and Thunder Wardens all around us. Oh and a blue dragon.

I immediately fire some shots at the rune giant. And do some serious damage too! Woohoo! Shalelu doesn’t fare as well only hitting once. But Sherby and Monkey Boy do a decent job and we’ve NEARLY cleared the rune giant in front of us.

The planar buddies fly silly and no PieHole to the Burninator. They envelope him in a an antimagic field. Not PieHole grapples the Burninator. A nearby dragon takes exception to that and tears up Not PieHole pretty good.

We put the the rune warden down in the next round despite me getting a case of the Shalelus. Sherby goes after one of the thunder wardens. Shalelu goes after the rune giant. The angels heal Piehole so he can hold on a bit. And one takes on the blue dragon.

The burninator is pinned.

We take a few more shots at the rune giant. The dragon is nearly destroyed. And then Not PieHole tied up the burninator.

And almost unbelievably, Silly takes his little butter knife of a falchion and sticks the burninator in the stomach. And Burninator dies. Just like that. The Rune giants disappear. The dragon surrenders. And the thunder wardens are happy to be released from their servitude to the burninator.

We destroy the soul lens and return to our plane. And figure out that the denizens of Leng were working to their own ends to bring about an apocalypse of their own. But we stopped that, too! So we’re double-heroes. Huzzah. Now, we apparently have to track down the pirate goddess’s checkerboard or something. But first…we rest.

Session 088 by Renbity
can we sleep yet?

No! There’s no time to rest. And no safe place to rest anyway. So let’s use up the last of what we got and barge into the “final” room. It’s got some weird machine in it.

Where there are a couple of giants and a huge lamia/cat woman thing. She seems nice. I want to shoot her.

She puts up and blade barrier and tries to destruct Silly twice. I do better killing giants but I feel like Shalelu and I are the only ones who can kill her.

Besides, the guys seem to have the giants in hand. Monkey boy had started to fly over the barrier but then realized that he left Shalelu and me behind and actually came back. Whatever, I was just going to jump over it anyway.

We finish the giants quickly. And then gang up on the lamia. She can’t last long against all of us. And so she doesn’t.

So then we wanna sleep. So tired. It’s been a long long day.

Monkey boy produces a magical feather from his ass to determine if we’re going to sleep. And to try to figure out what that machine is doing. That takes up a bunch of time when the boring nerds talk a lot about this stuff.

Good thing I am distracted by shiny things. Of which I get several. I don’t know why they want me to wear this headband. Headbands are so very last year. Sheesh.

Session 087 by Renbity
I hate it when I lose my post due to errant clicking

So, anyhow, I’m sneaking around trying to get up on the shimmering spot.

The rest of the party is fighting a couple of dire lions and Khalib using black tentacles and tornadoes. Khalib makes a break to the north.

I turn a corner and shoot an arrow into the shimmer. I see the Burninator grimace in pain within the glitter and then it vanishes. I look around for more shimmering and see nothing.

In the meantime Monkey Boy has apparently dimension doored the entire party up north in pursuit of Khalib. Hmmm…maybe I’ll just stay here.

But this just an excellent opportunity to use my swirly mountebank cape to dimension door the remaining party members up north to join the fray with everyone else.

Only to find that they are fighting a terrilble demon. I wish we could take it back. He kills Monkey Boy immediately.

The Angel is beating on Khalib to an inch of his life when he escapes back to where we started.

Are you kidding me?

Silly gets rid of the wind. Not Piehole does some serious damage to the demon and I steal the kill from him! Huzzah!

Silly uses one of the resurrection scrolls we scored earlier to bring Monkey Boy back. And we scored a bunch of evil magic stuff. So that’s nice.

And now we face yet another set of golden double-doors. I wonder who is behind them?

Session 086 by Renbity

My head hurts and I’m thirsty. And there’s a bunch of dead lamia’s around. And this giant blubber acid thing with tentacles already rotting on the floor. Yuck. Glad I missed it. I’m sure someone will fill me in soon.

We make our way around the rooms looking for treasures. But all we find is a dug out exit to the outside with a giant angel thing standing in front of it. There’s a broken magic circle on the ground. After the most boring game of charades ever we determine that he will attack us if we enter the room. That he’s being held there against his will. This is like the worst party ever. Not Piehole wanders off, bored, and triggers another appearance by the burninator.

I hide around the corner. No one gets disintegrated this time. It’s almost disappointing.

Monkeyboy wants to try and free the Angel using break enchantment. It works and the Angel, who is quite a magnificent character. He wants to kill the thing that imprisoned him and apparently if I don’t steal the kill he will also grant Monkeyboy a boon. He has lots of cool powers and I want to keep him with us forever and ever. I think I’ll call him George.

We find a room that has a bunch of leng dudes working on some kind of portal thing. It’s probably very important but it’s not what George wants to kill so we move on to look at the other side. We can always come back and kill stuff that isn’t interested in us.

That’s how we barge in on the rune giant and wind giant in their barracks. These ones have had time to put their armor on, though. We start to fight and Sherby takes a smashing pretty quickly. Monkyboy sends the wind warden to sleep. Silly thinks that he sees a shimmery spot in the back corner like how the burninator appears.

We also hear footsteps coming. We don’t make quick work of the rune warden. But we do finish him off. The footsteps haven’t manifested. I begin to sneak to where Silly said the shimmering spot was.

Silly puts the sleeping wind warden to sleep permanently if you catch my meaning.

George heals up Sherby and we all prepare as the footsteps get closer!

Session 085 By Renbity
What happened to the gnome?

So the female turns the fire elemental into some kind of shiny gem. And the storm giant smashes Sherby into a squishy paste. And the bad guys walk through multiple blade barriers like it ain’t no thang. Of course they do take a good 60 in damage every time.

My dominant bow wants to kill the female and I quickly declare her to be my most favorite enemy and I manage to do quite a bit of damage to her. But that also makes me the object of her attention and while I am able to stave off the magical effects of her attacks, she nearly kills me. But Monkey Boy moves in and saves me! I continue to do a lot of damage so she keeps fighting me and eventually I feel like I am turning into a beautiful shiny statue.

Or not! I shake off the spell and retaliate into her back while she’s killing Monkey Boy! She can’t stand against me! And after she falls, I take the Storm Giant to the brink of death before Silly stops me and makes the thing all docile so we interrogate it for information.

Blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure someone will tell me the important parts.

Anyhow, we divvy up the good stuff and move onto the next room. Where there’s a rune giant trying to put his armor. We’ve caught him somewhat unawares and therefore we are able to make quick work of him!

Now to head south for the Lamias. Oh goodie. On our way, we get blocked by the image of Karzog who waves his little finger at me and ….

Session 084 by Renbity
Are we there yet?

We are close!! We are at the towers of Gin Shasta where we will finally meet Karnog the Burninator and receive our glory.

But he’s all the way up at the top of this really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really tall tower. Man, I do not want to walk all the way up there…fortunately, we fly. Up and up this neverending ramp until finally it ends! Well that’s not a very good name for it, then, is it? And at the top of the ramp were three Storm Giants. Because of course there were.

No worries. I love to hate giants.

Shalelu takes a few embarrassingly ineffective shots.

And do I! But I was a little jarred by a lightning attack! Ouch!

My next series of attacks were fairly ineffective with only one hit and mediocre damage.

Not Piehole takes a fair amount of lightning bolt damage. But gives as good as he gets. Silly casts a dome of blade barriers over them. And between that and Sherby’s fire potions and Monkey Boy’s flame strikes we make easy work of two of them. But of course another one shows up. And those two cower on the other side of the blade barrier casting chained lightening and generally being pathetic.

I fire through the blade barrier at them but it doesn’t work. I need to concentrate better.

Half the party flies over the barrier to make closer attacks. I am going to stay back here where it’s a little safer. So is Shalelu. But she seems to have trouble shooting through the barrier. I make a couple of shots and yell to her to do what I am doing! But then I start missing too. I assume that the giants have cast some kind of spell on the area.

We eventually bring the last of them down. But the battle has done a good job using our healing and our material resources. Soon we will be fighting with only our wits and skills. What a sad battle that will be for some party members.

We then make our way through a couple of rooms. In each we meet an image of Karzog that disappears after we take a good swipe at him from our dominant weapons.

We finally make our way into the throne room where a some shiny woman with a glistening blade and three more storm giants are. Nice. Silly Gawbones says the chick is some psuedo bad-ass from Riddleport. And that the sword is one of the fabled swords of sin. Yay.

The chick drinks a potion, two storm giants move up and the last one casts chain lightning on our carefully clustered group. I evade damage and return fire for a series of misses.

Silly sets up a blade barrier across the entry way. The two storm giants at the barrier try to drag people through it. Fail with Not Piehole and succeed with Sherby. I am shooting pretty well through the barrier until Shelalu starts talking. She really needs to be quiet.

One of the storm giants drags Sherby toward the throne. Monkey Boy and Silly summon fiery monsters to the fight. Shalelu and I do some damage with arrows.

The fire creatures can’t seem to hit anything.

Oh well.

Monkey Boy flame strikes the one holding Sherby out of existence. The chick and the remaining storm giant are stuck in the biulding winds of Silly’s windstorm.

They won’t last for long.

Session 083 by Renbity
ah....time for a nap!

Blah blah blah. Kiff tells us all kinds of useful things to figure out where we need to go next. It’s so boring.

But out of that, we decided to go to the thunderdome and face the stone giants and yeti. Monkey boy transporters us to the thunderdome without a mishap surprisingly.

There’s a lot of yeti and stone giants in here. Better get to killing them.

Sherby really, really wants to kill all the yeti. So Shalelu and I steal a couple of kills from him out of spite.

Then move on to the giants that Not Piehole has left…which isn’t many while we leave Sherby to clean up the Yetis.

But just as we’ve pretty much mopped everything up two Rune Giants appear and they are kind of mad that we have taken out all their friends. Shalelu and I do a lot of damage to one of them right away. And Silly turns the other one friendly and tells him to give us all their rings and walk us up to the rainbow and be our bestest friend forever. And that pretty much works.

I wanted to take him down as we left the building but Silly wouldn’t let me…

We teleport to the top of the mountain and wind walk to the entrance and we’re ready to face the big bad!

Session 082 by Renbity favorites

::I managed to post this to the wrong adventure in Obsidian Portal! Fortunately, Jamie is a loyal subscriber!::

So, we barely got a mo to savor the moment of dragon slaying when we hear an angry horde of giants making their way towards us.

It starts with a lot of them but Silly crushes half of them in a wind tunnel. Shalelu and I put down a bunch of them easily. Sherby lights some on fire. Melthus gets some licks in.

But in addition to the regular ho-hum giants we kick the crap out of is a big old Rune giant intent on killing us all. Yikes.

I do quite a bit of damage to him, but I remain too close and get singed and zapped. Silly casts destruction on him twice! And I finish him while Not PieHole dances around taking selfies of himself with the corpse.

He has another ring. So that’s good. We have choices to face the twins or some other nasty minion. We’re going to sleep on it.

Imagine Dragons
...ugh, someone change the station

So even though the dragon that Shalelu shot at is a mirage, it can still hurt us. That is some bullshit. It shoots lightening at me and Silly quite effectively. Ouch.

Silly calls up a big old windstorm to keep the mirage away from us.

Apparently Not PieHole has an idea where the real dragon might be. I peer into the area and lo and behold I spot the dragon hanging off the side of the building.

I alert everyone and fire off my remaining arrow of greater dragon slaying and while it doesn’t kill him dead, it makes him so unhappy….that I see a flash of light…

I’m laying on the ground…everything hurts. I struggle to my feet and try to shoot the dragon. He seems a lot more damaged than I remembered…but I’m not able to add to it.

Bombs are flying around the dragon but Shelalu puts it down with an arrow right in the eye! Huzzah!

We get another Sihedren ring. So now three of us have some protection to get through the whatever plane.

In the distance is the sound of giants advancing. Goody. I eat Giants for breakfast.

Session 080 by Renbity
And you get dead, and you get dead, and you get dead too

Oh that tentacled beast is going to regret tangling with us. I shoot several arrows at him and yet they make no contact with him! What sort of sorcery is this? How is this possible?

I shoot at one of the vampires attacking Sherby and it practically one-shots him. So they are working ok. The tentacled one just must have some powerful deflection.

And then, the coward, twists a ring (on a tentacle? that is just weird) and disappears. That dishonorable squid. Surprisingly, Silly Gawbones is able to summon enough of his god’s favor to remove the invisibility…giving me the option to finish him (after Shalelu and my new mermaid girlfriend give him a good what for).

While I’m dancing about in victory, the dead squid and minions convert into gas and try to make a desperate escape. But Silly reigns them in with the wind and they die for reals.

Resume victory dance.

We rest up here and everyone prepares for the the battles to come. Something about a ice demon. I dunno, I wasn’t paying attention. I spend the time messing with my hair.

The next day, we are making our happy way north when we hear the yelpings of yellow bellies all about town. A large blue dragon flies overhead and begins circling ominously. I dive off to the side and ready my only greater arrow of dragon slaying. I must get take the perfect shot.

Shalelu takes a shot at the winged beast. And it flies right through it! She calls out that the creature is a mirage! I was about to waste my one good arrow of dragon slaying on a mirage! I even made it my quarry! A mirage quarry? That’s insane.

And then Silly does something that makes me feel funny. No, not in that way. I can see clearly now…the rain is fallen. I can see all obstacles in my way. It’s gonna be a bright…bright..sun-shiny day….


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