RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 008 DM Recap

A Bridge Too Foggy

Leaving the rope bridge behind, the party began scouting the goblin stockade. They disabled the bridge behind them, blocked the doors to the western guard tower and engaged the goblins in the small barracks.

After that, they followed the double-doors to the throne room, where they engaged Warchief Ripnugget, Stickfoot (a giant gecko), a warchanter and three goblin commandos…obviously the cream of the Thistletop tribe

While Ripnugget charged around the walls of the room riding on Stickfoot and swinging his sword, Havelok put a succession of goblins to sleep. These and others were then dispatched by Pikrak, Gilly, Renbity and Shalelu.

Eventually, the rampant Ripnugget fell snoozing from his lizard’s back and was dispatched by Renbity’s blade. The party spent a few moments gathering themselves, catching their breath and looting the bodies.



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