RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 009 by Renbity

What the hell is going on?

So, I come to standing in a room full of dead goblins. I have no idea what happened, but everyone is scavenging the area like it’s all good, so I just go along with it.

We find another room full of goblin dogs and they are pretty unhappy. I swing at one and cut my toe off. I hope Shelelu didn’t see that. “We” make quick work of them anyway.

We hear some more guys heading in and make a run to take care of them! Carnage all around! And now back to the courtyard. And continue to make our way through the dungeon! We find the pooper and then find the way to the next level! Seems like going down would be a bad idea…but that’s never stopped us!

We find the little planning room with all their chalkboards and shit. There’s something about taming the whispering beast and then mount the main attack. I don’t know what that means, so it can’t be very important.

I open a door and there’s a bunch of digging equipment and stuff and there some witch reading over the stuff on the table. I run forward ready to kill her dead and shouting as much! And I do…pretty much all by myself.

I leave the reading of the stuff on the table to the monkey boy. He can read. But he can’t read that stuff. It’s probably meaningless.

We keep going and find some really ugly art. These goblins have a horrible sense of decor. We continue to explore…one of the doors sounds like it has goblin sexy times happening behind it. Don’t go in there!

We open the door anyway and unleash the bugbear that Shelelu has been chasing for years. I want to leave the kill for her. It doesn’t seem right to steal her thunder!

But of course, the rest of the party doesn’t listen to me and they just take him down. I hope Shelelu forgives them for it. She took an arrow during the fight. The room the bugbear came out of is full of goblin concubines. I warn them to be quiet and they cover in the filthy pillows and rugs.

And while we’re all standing around doing nothing…that chick’s brother from earlier shows up! Well, that is not going to be good for him! I distract his fist with my face. And drop my curved blade. And am too stunned to even do anything…

I try to pick my blade off the ground and something hurts my head. Bad. I see red and swing wildly. I feel dizzy.

Silly Gawbones tries to help me. I feel a little better. But just a little and there’s still this other guy fighting us. Where did he come from? I get my crossbow out and Shelelu mocks it! What the hell? I know it’s not regular. But I’m not regular! I immediately hit the baddie with a bolt. And Shelelu misses. Ha ha. Oh except this guy is a badass. He’s practically killed Piehole.

Piehole gets a good hit on the guy and then monkey boy puts him to sleep. We let Piehole finish him off.

Then Silly Gawbones makes us feel a little better. So that’s something. And then we loot the bodies! Yay.



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