RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 010 by Renbity

When is dinner?

Silly Gawbones is opening every single door looking for dinner. Or something. A snack. Something to eat. Anything!

He just finds a bunch of bird feet. I’m hungry but not hungry enough to eat that. Neither were the gobbies, neither.

We check out all the rooms and find nothing. Silly Gawbones wants to save the last area for later after resting and stuff. But he’s a stupid stupid and me and Piehole just want to get in and kill some shit.

We find some big room that has some hairless dogs in it. But we slam the door and piton it shut and move on. We aren’t finding the thing we really want to find. And Silly Gawbones makes a convincing argument that she’s not here.

So we start to move on, but Piehole has to stop and start a fight with something on his way out. But he finds a pony! Yay! A giant war pony! I love it and want to take it home with me. I bat my eyes and it comes with me. I am going to call him George!

I get on him and lead the party to victory through the briars and we are so fearsome that no one dares attack us!

We get back to town and Silly Gawbones has a bunch of annoying questions and shit about stuff we didn’t do. This is tremendously unfair as he was the one who was in a hurry to get back to town!

Someone recognizes George and we find out that he used to belong to a merchant who hadn’t been seen in a while. We find board for him at a stable. We tell whats her name about her dead traitorous brother. She seems sad. I guess.

We sleep and Silly Gawbones decides we have to go back and find the pit with the giant goblin monster in it. I don’t remember learning about that but I usually grab a quick nap when they’re reading things and talking about boring stuff.

Anyhow, we make it back to Thistletop where I leave George outside with the other ponies because they are too nervous to go into the briars.

We go in and there’s no sign of anyone returning. We go directly to the unexplored areas and start there! We immediately find a tentacled something or another and do some battle. This thing is all wet and slimy and it makes me sick to my stomach! I seriously think I’m going to hurl. I have to move away.

But I get enough distance and kill it with my new shortbow. Huzzah for me! I wish Shelelu was here to see me.

We find nothing else on this level. Guess we better find a way down…



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