RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 014 by Renbity

Cleaning up the dungeon

We feel like we could be even more amazing heroes. Like just a little bit stronger or more powerful. That fight with melfleshniblob was tremendously unsatisfying.

So we go in search of other stuff to kill in the dungeon. You know, because we know there is some.

We find some ghost dogs in the altar room. We avoided them before. They can fly and they howl and stuff. And scare people. Like PieHole. Who runs away.

We lure them into the room and monkey boys makes one fall asleep. Again! I dive in to put it out of its misery. My swing connects but the foul beast appears to take no damage. What? And now he’s awake?

I get a few more ineffective swings in. At least one seems to do a little damage. But the hounds seem to have the best of us. I’m not scared but I take off after piehole. But I hear Gilly scream and go silent in a cloud of fog. I run back and try to get the hounds attention.

Oh I get his attention all right. And land a mighty blow on his back! Oh how he squeals in anger. Ha-ha! They are no match for me! I am just going to stand here and take little nicks and cuts out of them until they cry uncle! Or whatever it is these hounds will cry when they cry it.

I get knocked to the ground and fight from that position. Piehole finally returns and I can’t see what happens but something injures the hound on me something fierce. I keep swinging from the floor. Hopefully I don’t hit anything sensitive as Piehole towers over me.

Together we take him down!

Now to take the other one! Piehole isn’t doing so well this time. I left my bow in the other room. I draw my crossbow.

Hmmm, these bolts don’t seem to have any effect on him.

The next one seems to do a little bit of damage. Maybe it’s all in the angle. And another chip!

It takes forever, but we finally knock it down…

Now to save Silly Gawbones! Or pick up my bow first.

We have to rest because we don’t have any way to make Silly Gawbones better. He will have to heal himself if he wakes tomorrow.

In the middle of the night I hear the dulcet tones of his snoring. Guess he’s going to make it.

In the morning, we prepare to move the giant helm and everything else out and make our way back to Sandpoint. Piehole tries to look like a bigshot dragging that lobster helmet around. We’re going to see if some fancy pants wants to buy it. Shelelu is very impressed with all my heroics. Although she doesn’t want to make the other party members jealous, so she doesn’t show it so much.

We get a lot cash though. And now I feel stronger and better!



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