RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 015 by the GM

As the party rested after their latest adventure, the party worked with the blacksmith Das Korvut at the Red Dog Smithy to enchant several weapons.

Eventually, Gilly arranged for a meeting with the Sheriff, the Mayor and Father Abstalar Zantus. He discussed the end of the goblin threat, the defeat of the Malfeshnekor and the flight of Nualia.
Gilly arranged for sendings to both Magnimar and Riddleport to warn that Nualia might be heading their way.

The next morning, Sheriff Hemlock called with horrible news. There had been murders at the Sandpoint Lumber Mill. Additionally, his men had found other bodies at Bradley’s Barn two days before. Both murders were accompanied by bloody notes signed “Your Lordship” (the one found at the mill was addressed to Renbity).
Both sets of murders shared similar characteristics: brutal disfigurement and the carving of a strange rune into the victims’ flesh.

The party investigated the Lumber Mill, finding several clues, including an axe, a horrible smell, footprints and the Sihedron Rune carved into one of the bodies. Evaluating these, they pieced together the likely course of events at the mill.

Gilly decided to wait until the next day, where he planned to cast blood biography on the bits of the murderer’s flesh left on axe wielded by Katrine

Other possible leads include:
Ibor Thorn, Ven Vinder, the first murders, the notes, and the Sihedron Rune.



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