RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 015 by Renbity

Meet the Biter

We waste some time in town making magical items. Now I have The Biter..The Biter is a shiny magical sword. I had to borrow some gold from Silly Gawbones. I am sure I’ll regret that soon. Fortunately, I was able to pay off most of it right away with some cash from the errant Sheriff who returned to the city now that there’s hardly any danger.

Silly Gawbones had a meeting that I sat through and it was really boring. They are sending Shalelu off to go look for something. I don’t know why they don’t send me. They don’t know anything about tracking and ranging I bet.

The next morning, Sheriff poison comes to see us. He’s all sleepy and shit. He asks us to get involved in a murder case! That’s pretty exciting. Two people were brutally murdered and it’s the second such murders in two days.

There are some notes from the murder scenes signed “Your Lordship”. Everyone jumps to the conclusion that that means Little Lord Fancypants from the previous episode.

The Lumber Mill is a disgusting mess. Silly gets all up on those dead bodies. Yuck. I wait over here.

Finally, we find some tracks to follow around! So that’s something I can do. I walk along the river but don’t find anything. I bet the creature flew over here.

Silly has some spells he thinks he can use to solve this mystery. But we’re going to have to sleep on it to get them. So until tomorrow!


PiKraK will sneak this in Renbity’s Journal…

“I’m getting popular! Not only did everyone see me carry that BIG CROWN into town, but I’m also named best in the Hagfish! It’s even written on the ceiling! So guess what that means…. I GET TO FLEX MORE!”

Session 015 by Renbity

Renbity rolls her eyes at PiKraK.

Session 015 by Renbity

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