RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 021 by Renbity

Try and eat MY face, would you?

[Battling faceless stalkers at Foxglove Townhouse…]

Fortunately Silly Gawbones heals me up. I step up and try to smash the female one. Or the one that was acting like a female. You know what I mean. I basically kill her, but Piehole comes in and finishes the job.

The thing impersonating Aldren runs out in fear and I charge after it and bring it to the ground with the Biter. Piehole tries to finish him but fails. He runs again and I chase and kill him.

Silly seems jealous that I killed him. Or something. He is shaking his head at me as I drag the body back in the house.

We search the house and find the thing that fits the lion head key! Surprisingly, it’s in a metal lion head.

There’s 200 platinum pieces. And the deed to the manor.

And a ledger. And it’s all so boring. I can’t stand to read it. Silly reads it and tries to explain it to me, but I can’t even listen to it. Ugh. There’s mention of the Brothers of the Seven. And some island where they have a sawmill. Let’s look at that. yeah…

We rest up and proceed to the sawmill first thing in the morning! All we do there is ask a couple of questions about getting some lumber to build a barn (and monkey boy tries to put the guy asleep) and he pulls a mask on and tries to kill us!

So we mostly kill him. But there’s more of his buddies about the place! we chase them about slashing them in delight at every turn!

At the top level there’s another magic using type who summons a bunch of devils. He’s afraid to face us on his own. Has to have others to do his dirty work.

I whack away at a few of them, but I don’t seem to be doing as much damage as normal. That’s no fun, so I charge their controller. I will make him pay!

This guy is acting all weird. I don’t know what is going on with him. And I definitely prefer killing him to finding out what is going on.

But Silly Gawbones grapples him and probably wants to ask him a bunch of boring questions. Yippee…



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