RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 047 by Renbity

Where's Keb?

So, Jackie couldn’t be raised after all. I tried to get Keb to stick around but he was having none of it.

We find a door at the back of the spider cave and go through. Inside we meet with a gnome who is apparently trying to make his way out of the caverns.

Apparently, he and his former party were captured and eaten and he was in the midst of escaping. For what ever reason he agreed to lead us back in. Must have been my charming disposition.

Fortunately, he knows his way through the maze well so we don’t waste a lot of time. We get back to a spot where we can be attacked by an angry kobold. Nice.

I think the gnome’s name is Slartibartfast. That’s way too long. I’ll call him Bart.

The Kobold is a little weird. My arrows do little damage to him. And then he fireballs us? Are you kidding me?

Bart throws a bomb. I go north to try and cut off any retreat. But eventually I just have to step up and bite the guy (with the biter) to death.

We find the back of a secret door down the tunnel. I open it onto someone’s fancy fur warehouse. Who knew Giants were such fashionistas? Sadly, there’s also a giant in there so we attack him!

Monkey boy puts him to sleep and not Piehole goes to slit his sleeping throat but he botches the job and wakes the thing and before we can do anything, he dissolves into a gaseous form. What the what?

Fortunately Bart tosses a firebomb at him. Gas is flammable, right? The bomb makes quick work of the giant. I think I’m gonna like this Bart, guy.

The room is full of hides and war trophies. Yuck. Some of it apparently belongs to some fancy noble family and they’ll pay top dollar to get it back. Guess we’ll need to take that. Silly keeps an eye on the pit of carnage while the rest of us gleefully loot the room.



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