RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 055 by Renbity

Third time's the charm...

So we make our way down the next corridor and we know old Scribbly is there because the tunnel is filled with misty mist. We call Silly over to mix up the winds a bit. I charge on down there with the intent to take the biter to him directly. But when I see him all of a sudden…well it just doesn’t seem to wise to do that…so I stow the Biter and get out my bow.

Monkey boy summons a dire ape but Sherby summons a wasp swarm that goes after the ape. What? That’s silly!Not Piehole is the only one getting much damage in. I hit with one arrow…but most of my shots go wide!

Monkey boy tries to get some ebola on Scribbly. But is unable to get anywhere with that. Sherby sends the wasps onto Scribbly and it does some damage. And now he’s damaged enough that he blinks away. Because of course he does.

Shalelu uses her superb animal handling skills to calm the dire ape which was contemplating Sherby the wasp master as his next target. It works and Sherby is able to guide the wasps to head on down the hallway where they trigger some kind of spell trap and then zoom down the hallway and we hear muffled cursing from the end of the misty hallway and the sound of a door opening and closing.

Silly jumps up and stinkily blows the mists away and also the wasps into a heap at the end of the hallway.

That’s not enough for Silly who creates hurricane force winds down in the room just to keep anyone for doing anything cool. Although it does take the piss out of the Scribbler. Who takes it out on Not Piehole who managed to strength his way in there.

Silly lets the winds down and I shoot at and give Scribbly some damage. And then settles some Silence over the area to keep Scribbly from any more nasty castings. It’s handy, too, because I keep missing and I wouldn’t want Shalelu to hear the foul things that are coming out of my mouth.

Fortunately, other people finally step up to do some damage. Then Silly gets all bossy and tells us to get behind him. Ewwww. What is he up to?

Sherby gets some kind of shock bomb off and it looks like Scribbly is barely standing. I take a shot planning to move behind Silly like he suggested. But I hit him real good and it looks like he’s about to go down so I take another shot.

And down he goes!!!! Woo-hoo! Take that you stupid Scribbly.

There’s a dead Sandpoint guard in the room that Shalelu recognizes. He’s been dead a while but is somehow preserved. Yuck.

We don’t find any maps that say where the RuneForge is or anything really handy like that. We may have to actually puzzle out those stupid pomes we saw when we first came in. We wander around looking for them.

We don’t know what order they go in and who knows what they mean. Sounds like work for bookwormies like Silly and Monkeyboy. And Shelby. But here they are.

If magic bright is your desire, to old Runeforge you must retire
For only there does wizards’ art receive its due and proper start

On eastern shores of steaming mirror, at end of day when dusk is nearer
Where seven faces silent wait encircled guards at runeforge gate

Each stone the grace of seven lords, one part of key each ruler hoards
If offered spells and proper prayer take seven keys and climb the stair.

On frozen mountain Xin awaits, his regal voice the yawning gates
Keys turn twice in Sihedron occulted runeforge waits within

And now you’ve come and joined the forge upon rare lore your mind can gorge
And when you slough the mortal way in runeforge long your work will stay!

That order seems good. And Havelock reviews some old maps he has stored in his head and suggests a lake that has hot springs and a mountain that has seven faces carved into it. BINGO. We should head there.

But instead we spend a lot of time making sure some old librarian gets to go to the library. Nerds.

And then we need to rent a boat. And apparently prepare for a dragon.



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