RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 057 by Renbity

I am thankful for extra gaming sessions

The dragon takes off with a squirmy Sherby in his mouth. I guess something revived him a bit. Silly Gawbones uses the hurricane to push the dragon to the ground.

Sherby must taste kind of bitter because he gets spit out. Mostly dead again. My arrows fly to no effect. Multiple attempts to slice and dice with a blade barrier have to effect. Monkey boy gets a lightening bolt in. The dragon is hurt enough to retreat to its lair and probably heal up. Stupid dragon.

And apparently we are doomed to chase it. Through the icy fog. Down a shaft (shaft!) where we fortunately still have enough flying people to mostly fly down. And we find the dragon having pawed through its hoard for all the buffs and healing potions it could drink in the meantime.

But it’s still fairly injured. And now we have it cornered. I’m sure this will work out fine.

We march on him and just keep hitting. Despite getting the wind taken out of us with the icey cold breath of doom. But we eventually triumph. And so the ancient white dragon dies. Wow.



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