RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 058 by Renbity

do we have all the keys

So there’s a lot of loot here and Silly’s going to weave it into a tapesty so we can carry it out of there. We have a lovely sleep overnight and wake up refreshed and ready to head on into the runeforge.

Hopefully. First we have to master these keys. Turns out that it’s easy to match the keys up to the pillars. Turning each one of them twice opens a portal that we dive into!

We make our way quickly into a room with giant statues for each of the runelords. There’s a pool of magical liquid in the middle of the room.

So now we’re in the place where we can supposedly make some weapons that can kill a runelord. But we don’t know how. Hmm…where did I leave that instruction manual?

I start down one of the hallways that splits off the runeforge and this weird mouth in the halloway starts making all kinds of threats against me and telling me my skills will be crushed.

But it doesn’t seem to care about not Piehole until he gets in there. Then it strips one of his buffer spell away. He defeats whatever is causing the zapper. And there are two rooms down there. One with shiny material and one with smelly vinegary ick. So we go to the pretty liquid and it turns out drinking it makes you better at making potions. So Sherby drinks some and bottles the rest of it up.

Hey, so maybe the other room has something cool in it too! So I run over there and take a step in, but nope…it’s a fiendish mustard jelly monster. We hack away not terribly effectively. But a little bit at a time. We do a little bit with acid. And some holy weapon balm. And the trusty blade barrier. Yay!

I’m sure he’ll be dead a few thousand rounds at 3 points each hit.

Sure he will.



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