RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 059 by Renbity

mustard is the king of condiments

So we managed to finish off the mustard jelly and it’s most disappointing since it is NOT tasty. We pick another corridor to go down.

Sending Not PieHole down first naturally.

Some kinda fancy flying chicks are flirting with Silly Gawbones. It’s disgusting. He’s luring them in…ew. Oh one of them gets a closer look at him and poof vanishes! Smart girl. Silly is icky.

Then he tries to whip them around in the wind. I shoot and hit easily…but do very little damage.

Silly keeps telling everyone to get out of the room so he can blow the crap out of the she demons.

But Not Piehole has succumbed to the wiles of the demons and starts stripping down. Great. No one likes to see that.

Silly is ratcheting up the winds in the room and tells everyone to get out! I do and I try to shoot some from the edge of the room.

But then Monkey Boy runs in to save Not Piehole and no one else is hurrying up to get out. I would not be surprised if he just blows the entire party about to make his point. That’s the Silly way.

Enough party members get out of the way for him to unleash the mighty hurricane force and the she demons get thrown around. And we just stand around and watch. It’s kind of fun. But not terribly sporting. I can live with it.

It’s an agonizingly slow battle but one of the she-demons gets bored by the slow stripping of her life by wind and crawls into our protected area where we can just beat on her till she dies.

But the very damaged she demon makes her way into the structure in the middle of the room.

Not Piehole lunges out into the wind, confident in his strength and is promptly blowed off his feet and into a pole. Ouch!

As Silly moves the wind, Not Piehole tries to help the poor creature that is still alive in the cage (and apparently still under the thrall of the of the she demons).

We can do little for him while they still live. So we head toward the structure in the middle to make an end to them. Silly has set the hurricane in there, too.

We make our way close and peak in…to find five stone giants! Yay! They might be giants!

I immediately kill one (or come pretty close) with one shot. I love fighting giants.



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