RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 061 by Renbity

Wrath, lust, what is next?

Something with food, I think.

We rested. Uneasily since there were these creepy beings standing in the corners. Creepy evil extra planar beings that will eat your guts. But apparently not while you are sleeping. So we find some good stuff in there. And some disgusting stuff that I am too ladylike to mention. I am pretty sure that Silly Gawbones snuck one of those perversions out in his pants.

We made our way back to the center and headed down another hallway. In the first room of this one, there are bunch of grinning skulls on the walls chewing jerky. And the room itself is filled with creepy mummies.


We make fairly quick work of them. Which makes one wonder what else this hall will hold. Perhaps they were just letting us get a false sense of security.

The grinning skulls apparently allow you to open up some niches around the room. So naturally I do. And there’s clear evidence that some bodies were once in there. But now there’s just the little bits of flotsam that were buried with them. I’m guessing the bodies may have been the mummies we just ran into. So there’s four unaccounted for. If that’s the case.

We open the next door.

There’s a domed room with walkways but the floor in the corners drops into nothingness. There’s some gross carvings on the curved corners…most of them having to do with food…but one is just all sharp teeth. Under the carvings are more funerary niches. Or potential mummy generators as I like to think of them. There is a door at the end of each walkway.

We cast various fly and airwalk spells just in case anyone tries to fall to their death.

We pick a door at random and go in. There’s a gold sarcophagus and some jewels and some other alcoves that appear to be full of wine. Oh, yeah, and a clay golem hunched down in a corner. We try to buff up and prepare to meet him head on since Sherby knows all about golems. And thinks he can disable it. And then we use fire and bludgeoning weapons to kill it.

But all I have is piercing cold stuff. So that sucks. I call down rocks and manage to do no damage to it. And then I use my hunting companions to share half my favored enemy bonus the closer members of the party.

So that’s something. I feel like I’m going to be very left out of this fight.

I try shooting the bow but can’t get a good shot off in my excitement.

Sherby is able to disable the golem and hopefully they will beat it to death while we’re searching the room.

I head down to the sarcophagus and start prying gems out of the eyes and grapes. Not PieHole and Sherby beat the disabled golem to death. Then we load up on gems and wine and make for another room.

But this room is full of dark energy powered by two towers. It’s pretty scary. Let’s not fight this just yet.

So we check the north room and it’s full of eviscerated bodies. Yuck.

We head in and find an alchemical lab. And heading further in we see another lab like room, this one with dog ears and jars of parts and a torso dripping with blood. But that doesn’t keep Silly from barging in.

Which of course triggers some nasty goon from jumping out and eating the torso’s liver.

And then he goes after Silly. He’s a nasty looking zombie. Silly smites him! And then channels on him. Which does some damage but this guy is pretty tough.

I get a really good shot off at him and then back out of the room. We need a little more space to fight.

Surprisingly everyone else steps back as well. That rarely happens. The zombie is really hungry and he spies Not PieHole and licks his chops.

Nom, nom, nom.



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