RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 066 by Renbity

What the hell is this?

So the room is full of dire tigers and a giant tornado. I guess he knew I was coming.

Not Piehole continues the battle to the south with the tentacle beast.

Monkey Boy does a lot of damage with a freezing spell and I follow up with some rocks falling on their head.

Then we have blade barriers. And more bombs and pretty quickly we are down to the air elemental and the mage. And a couple of ickie jellies that are skulking around in the back corners.

Monkey boy releases a fireball! Woo hoo! now we are talking. Except somehow we have more icky jelly to fight now.

The tornadoey thing comes and whisks me off my feet. I drop the bow and pull the Biter and start hacking away at the thing while screaming that “we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

I’ll hack him to death in short order, I’m sure.

Piehole helps me and I fall somewhat ungracefully to the ground.

Dammit, the tigers are back.

We make quick work of one and now there are some small tornadoes whirling around. I do some damage…but they do some to me, too.

Then not PieHole comes out and pretty much kills everything around me. Wow.

Now we’re back down a fire elemental, three icky jellies and the mage himself.

Silly puffs up like a parade balloon and stomps his way in there.

The mage dimension doors away from him and shoots a disintegration ray right at Silly Gawbones, who, amazingly shrugs it off. Guess that’s why he gets blinded soon.

We gang up on the caster and take him to the brink. And Sherby takes him out with some bombs.




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