RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 084 by Renbity

Are we there yet?

We are close!! We are at the towers of Gin Shasta where we will finally meet Karnog the Burninator and receive our glory.

But he’s all the way up at the top of this really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really tall tower. Man, I do not want to walk all the way up there…fortunately, we fly. Up and up this neverending ramp until finally it ends! Well that’s not a very good name for it, then, is it? And at the top of the ramp were three Storm Giants. Because of course there were.

No worries. I love to hate giants.

Shalelu takes a few embarrassingly ineffective shots.

And do I! But I was a little jarred by a lightning attack! Ouch!

My next series of attacks were fairly ineffective with only one hit and mediocre damage.

Not Piehole takes a fair amount of lightning bolt damage. But gives as good as he gets. Silly casts a dome of blade barriers over them. And between that and Sherby’s fire potions and Monkey Boy’s flame strikes we make easy work of two of them. But of course another one shows up. And those two cower on the other side of the blade barrier casting chained lightening and generally being pathetic.

I fire through the blade barrier at them but it doesn’t work. I need to concentrate better.

Half the party flies over the barrier to make closer attacks. I am going to stay back here where it’s a little safer. So is Shalelu. But she seems to have trouble shooting through the barrier. I make a couple of shots and yell to her to do what I am doing! But then I start missing too. I assume that the giants have cast some kind of spell on the area.

We eventually bring the last of them down. But the battle has done a good job using our healing and our material resources. Soon we will be fighting with only our wits and skills. What a sad battle that will be for some party members.

We then make our way through a couple of rooms. In each we meet an image of Karzog that disappears after we take a good swipe at him from our dominant weapons.

We finally make our way into the throne room where a some shiny woman with a glistening blade and three more storm giants are. Nice. Silly Gawbones says the chick is some psuedo bad-ass from Riddleport. And that the sword is one of the fabled swords of sin. Yay.

The chick drinks a potion, two storm giants move up and the last one casts chain lightning on our carefully clustered group. I evade damage and return fire for a series of misses.

Silly sets up a blade barrier across the entry way. The two storm giants at the barrier try to drag people through it. Fail with Not Piehole and succeed with Sherby. I am shooting pretty well through the barrier until Shelalu starts talking. She really needs to be quiet.

One of the storm giants drags Sherby toward the throne. Monkey Boy and Silly summon fiery monsters to the fight. Shalelu and I do some damage with arrows.

The fire creatures can’t seem to hit anything.

Oh well.

Monkey Boy flame strikes the one holding Sherby out of existence. The chick and the remaining storm giant are stuck in the biulding winds of Silly’s windstorm.

They won’t last for long.



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