RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 088 by Renbity

can we sleep yet?

No! There’s no time to rest. And no safe place to rest anyway. So let’s use up the last of what we got and barge into the “final” room. It’s got some weird machine in it.

Where there are a couple of giants and a huge lamia/cat woman thing. She seems nice. I want to shoot her.

She puts up and blade barrier and tries to destruct Silly twice. I do better killing giants but I feel like Shalelu and I are the only ones who can kill her.

Besides, the guys seem to have the giants in hand. Monkey boy had started to fly over the barrier but then realized that he left Shalelu and me behind and actually came back. Whatever, I was just going to jump over it anyway.

We finish the giants quickly. And then gang up on the lamia. She can’t last long against all of us. And so she doesn’t.

So then we wanna sleep. So tired. It’s been a long long day.

Monkey boy produces a magical feather from his ass to determine if we’re going to sleep. And to try to figure out what that machine is doing. That takes up a bunch of time when the boring nerds talk a lot about this stuff.

Good thing I am distracted by shiny things. Of which I get several. I don’t know why they want me to wear this headband. Headbands are so very last year. Sheesh.



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