RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 21 Postscript

Mopping up the Seven's Sawmill

After beating Justice Ironbriar into submission, the party quickly tied up the survivors, healed themselves and secured the rest of the Seven’s Sawmill.

Three more cultists were killed or subdued in the sub-basement where the water wheels churned in the Yondabakari river.

Searching the building from there up, yielded a few more interesting bits of detail, as well as some treasure.

In the ground-floor loading bay, Renbity and Pikrak noticed that the partially walled-off alcove in the northeast section of the room (which contains several large mounds of filthy hay) once served as the home of one large creature. At first they thought it was an ogre or giant, but that didn’t seem to fit some clues, especially the small bits of hair, fingernail, and strange footprints, all of which seemed to come from different people.

The closet on the log-splitter level contained some two-dozen ceremonial robes likely used by the cultists in some foul ritual, but also some loot:

  • 300gp in several bags;
  • 3 potions, which Havelok recognized as potions of barkskin +3;
  • A beautiful crystal decanter set with an obsidian stopper (worth 300gp);
  • A tiny wooden box containing three poorly cut diamonds, each worth 200gp

Justice Ironbriar’s office has the most interesting and gruesome information, however.
The walls of his room bear macabre decorations – human faces stretched flat over wooden frames by strips of leather or black twine. Each face grimaces in a slightly different expression of pain, looking down on a cramped room that contains a desk, a high-backed rocking chair, and a low-slung cot heaped with scratchy-looking blankets. A ladder in the southeast corner of the room leads up to a trap door in the ceiling.
It also contained a footlocker with some loot:

  • Books, sea charts, etchings of vast rock formations and dolmens accompanied by maps, several pamphlets and a fine painting.
  • a wizard’s spellbook, containing the spells blink, cat’s grace, chill touch, enlarge person, fox’s cunning, grease, haste, lightning bolt, mage armor, magic missile, scorching ray, shocking grasp, shrink item, spider climb, and web.
  • a book entitled The Syrpents Tane: Fairy Tales of the Eldest
  • a slim ledger and journal written in some sort of cipher. It will require a cunning linguist to decipher.

Finally, there is the gear and loot from the cultists and the Justice himself:

  • 13 skinsaw masks ;
  • 13 masterwork war razors
  • 14 hand crossbows (one of which is masterwork)
  • 13 sets of leather armor
  • a mithril chain shirt
  • a +1 buckler
  • a +1 shortsword
  • another reaper’s mask;
  • a wand of cure moderate wounds with 12 charges remaining

There are two living cultists and Justice Ironbriar available for interrogation.

Above Ironbriar’s office is a small rookery, where 3 silent ravens perch in mesh-covered cabinet. A table nearby holds a tall narrow bucket of bird feed, a quill, and a vial of ink, as well as several thin parchments weighted down by a polished rock.
Renbity notes the raven’s docility and surmises that they are messenger ravens.



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