RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 083 by Renbity

ah....time for a nap!

Blah blah blah. Kiff tells us all kinds of useful things to figure out where we need to go next. It’s so boring.

But out of that, we decided to go to the thunderdome and face the stone giants and yeti. Monkey boy transporters us to the thunderdome without a mishap surprisingly.

There’s a lot of yeti and stone giants in here. Better get to killing them.

Sherby really, really wants to kill all the yeti. So Shalelu and I steal a couple of kills from him out of spite.

Then move on to the giants that Not Piehole has left…which isn’t many while we leave Sherby to clean up the Yetis.

But just as we’ve pretty much mopped everything up two Rune Giants appear and they are kind of mad that we have taken out all their friends. Shalelu and I do a lot of damage to one of them right away. And Silly turns the other one friendly and tells him to give us all their rings and walk us up to the rainbow and be our bestest friend forever. And that pretty much works.

I wanted to take him down as we left the building but Silly wouldn’t let me…

We teleport to the top of the mountain and wind walk to the entrance and we’re ready to face the big bad!



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