RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 085 By Renbity

What happened to the gnome?

So the female turns the fire elemental into some kind of shiny gem. And the storm giant smashes Sherby into a squishy paste. And the bad guys walk through multiple blade barriers like it ain’t no thang. Of course they do take a good 60 in damage every time.

My dominant bow wants to kill the female and I quickly declare her to be my most favorite enemy and I manage to do quite a bit of damage to her. But that also makes me the object of her attention and while I am able to stave off the magical effects of her attacks, she nearly kills me. But Monkey Boy moves in and saves me! I continue to do a lot of damage so she keeps fighting me and eventually I feel like I am turning into a beautiful shiny statue.

Or not! I shake off the spell and retaliate into her back while she’s killing Monkey Boy! She can’t stand against me! And after she falls, I take the Storm Giant to the brink of death before Silly stops me and makes the thing all docile so we interrogate it for information.

Blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure someone will tell me the important parts.

Anyhow, we divvy up the good stuff and move onto the next room. Where there’s a rune giant trying to put his armor. We’ve caught him somewhat unawares and therefore we are able to make quick work of him!

Now to head south for the Lamias. Oh goodie. On our way, we get blocked by the image of Karzog who waves his little finger at me and ….



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