RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 086 by Renbity


My head hurts and I’m thirsty. And there’s a bunch of dead lamia’s around. And this giant blubber acid thing with tentacles already rotting on the floor. Yuck. Glad I missed it. I’m sure someone will fill me in soon.

We make our way around the rooms looking for treasures. But all we find is a dug out exit to the outside with a giant angel thing standing in front of it. There’s a broken magic circle on the ground. After the most boring game of charades ever we determine that he will attack us if we enter the room. That he’s being held there against his will. This is like the worst party ever. Not Piehole wanders off, bored, and triggers another appearance by the burninator.

I hide around the corner. No one gets disintegrated this time. It’s almost disappointing.

Monkeyboy wants to try and free the Angel using break enchantment. It works and the Angel, who is quite a magnificent character. He wants to kill the thing that imprisoned him and apparently if I don’t steal the kill he will also grant Monkeyboy a boon. He has lots of cool powers and I want to keep him with us forever and ever. I think I’ll call him George.

We find a room that has a bunch of leng dudes working on some kind of portal thing. It’s probably very important but it’s not what George wants to kill so we move on to look at the other side. We can always come back and kill stuff that isn’t interested in us.

That’s how we barge in on the rune giant and wind giant in their barracks. These ones have had time to put their armor on, though. We start to fight and Sherby takes a smashing pretty quickly. Monkyboy sends the wind warden to sleep. Silly thinks that he sees a shimmery spot in the back corner like how the burninator appears.

We also hear footsteps coming. We don’t make quick work of the rune warden. But we do finish him off. The footsteps haven’t manifested. I begin to sneak to where Silly said the shimmering spot was.

Silly puts the sleeping wind warden to sleep permanently if you catch my meaning.

George heals up Sherby and we all prepare as the footsteps get closer!



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