RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 087 by Renbity

I hate it when I lose my post due to errant clicking

So, anyhow, I’m sneaking around trying to get up on the shimmering spot.

The rest of the party is fighting a couple of dire lions and Khalib using black tentacles and tornadoes. Khalib makes a break to the north.

I turn a corner and shoot an arrow into the shimmer. I see the Burninator grimace in pain within the glitter and then it vanishes. I look around for more shimmering and see nothing.

In the meantime Monkey Boy has apparently dimension doored the entire party up north in pursuit of Khalib. Hmmm…maybe I’ll just stay here.

But this just an excellent opportunity to use my swirly mountebank cape to dimension door the remaining party members up north to join the fray with everyone else.

Only to find that they are fighting a terrilble demon. I wish we could take it back. He kills Monkey Boy immediately.

The Angel is beating on Khalib to an inch of his life when he escapes back to where we started.

Are you kidding me?

Silly gets rid of the wind. Not Piehole does some serious damage to the demon and I steal the kill from him! Huzzah!

Silly uses one of the resurrection scrolls we scored earlier to bring Monkey Boy back. And we scored a bunch of evil magic stuff. So that’s nice.

And now we face yet another set of golden double-doors. I wonder who is behind them?



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