RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 089 by Renbity

And so it begins...

We prepare for battle. Silly summons some planar allies. They are friends of Ruru and spend all the prep time gossiping with each other. Of course.

Shalelu is short of arrows, so I share some with her.

And then we buff! Barkskin, gravity bow and life bubble for me. And then some holy salve on all my remaining arrows.

We step into the portal and onto the arrival platform surrounded by fire. Nice. There are Rune Wardens and Thunder Wardens all around us. Oh and a blue dragon.

I immediately fire some shots at the rune giant. And do some serious damage too! Woohoo! Shalelu doesn’t fare as well only hitting once. But Sherby and Monkey Boy do a decent job and we’ve NEARLY cleared the rune giant in front of us.

The planar buddies fly silly and no PieHole to the Burninator. They envelope him in a an antimagic field. Not PieHole grapples the Burninator. A nearby dragon takes exception to that and tears up Not PieHole pretty good.

We put the the rune warden down in the next round despite me getting a case of the Shalelus. Sherby goes after one of the thunder wardens. Shalelu goes after the rune giant. The angels heal Piehole so he can hold on a bit. And one takes on the blue dragon.

The burninator is pinned.

We take a few more shots at the rune giant. The dragon is nearly destroyed. And then Not PieHole tied up the burninator.

And almost unbelievably, Silly takes his little butter knife of a falchion and sticks the burninator in the stomach. And Burninator dies. Just like that. The Rune giants disappear. The dragon surrenders. And the thunder wardens are happy to be released from their servitude to the burninator.

We destroy the soul lens and return to our plane. And figure out that the denizens of Leng were working to their own ends to bring about an apocalypse of their own. But we stopped that, too! So we’re double-heroes. Huzzah. Now, we apparently have to track down the pirate goddess’s checkerboard or something. But first…we rest.



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