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  • Varisia

    "Varisia":http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Varisia is a vast frontier region in the northwest of [[Avistan]]. It stretches from the Steaming Sea in the west to the Mindspin Mountains in the east and from the Kodar Mountains to Conqueror's Bay in the …

  • Mierani Forest

    The "Mierani Forest":http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Mierani_Forest (pronounced meer-AWN-ee) of northwestern Varisia is one of the ancestral homes of the elves in Avistan. Situated between the Calphiak Mountains and the Velashu Uplands, it also borders …

  • Varisian

    Of or relating to the sub-continent of [[Varisia]]. The Varisians (pronounced vah-RHIS-ee-ann) are an exotic ethnicity renowned as itinerant charlatans, gifted storytellers, and talented singers. The dark-skinned Varisians enjoy brightly colored …

  • Windsong Abbey

    Windsong Abbey was built as a pacifist refuge for followers of all religions to come and resolve their doctrinal and political differences in a non-violent manner and to peacefully further their own goals. The building itself is quite dramatic, with …

  • Minkai

    The "Minkai Empire":http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Minkai can be found on the continent of [[Tian Xia]]. It is reached by traveling north, and over the [[Crown of the World]].

  • Crown of the World

    Perhaps the least populated of Golarion's continents, the Crown of the World is certainly not the least traveled. Covered in glacial ice, the landmass sits atop the world and serves as a passage from [[Tian Xia]] to [[Avistan]], and traders and explorers …

  • Tian Xia

    Tian Xia (pronounced TEE-yawn-shaw) is the continent geographically furthest from [[Avistan]], lying across the ocean. The easiest way to get to Tian Xia from Avistan is by crossing the icy [[Crown of the World]].

  • Mosswood

    Mosswood trees tend to be larger, mostly redwoods, resulting in much more open forest floor than exists at undergrowth-heavy [[Nettlewood]] to the north. It is home to the [[Mosswood Goblins]]

  • Nettlewood

    North of [[Mosswood]] lies Nettlewood, a frustratingly tangled forest. Whereas the trees of the Mosswood grow tall and stately, those north of the [[Lost Coast Road]] are lower and share their forest floor with snarls of nettles and thorny underbrush. …

  • Thassilon

    The ancient empire of Thassilon (pronounced THAH-sih-lon) occupied most of western [[Avistan]] for over a millennium. While its power was great, struggles for control within the nation itself tore Thassilon apart. All that now remains are mysterious …

  • Shoanti

    The Shoanti (pronounced show-AHN-tee) are a barbaric, often nomadic people native to the Storval Plateau and Velashu Uplands regions of [[Varisia]]. Like their Varisian cousins, these humans descended from the enslaved workers of the ancient empire of …

  • Chelaxian

    ["Chelish" is synonym for "Chelaxian". ] Of, or pertaining to [[Cheliax]] The Chelaxian (pronounced che-LAX-ee-en) are an ethnic group of Varisia distinct from the [[Varisian|Varisians]] or [[Shoanti]], seen by the latter two as outsiders and …

  • Cheliax

    Infernal Cheliax (pronounced CHEL-ee-ax) remains one of the most powerful nations militarily in the Inner Sea region. It once ruled [[Korvosa]], but no longer. Chelix is ruled by the devil-worshiping House Thrune.

  • Turtleback Ferry

    Turtleback Ferry is a small township perched on the rain-drenched north shore of [[Claybottom Lake]]. Three distinctive ferries crafted from the shells of giant turtles slain by Autek Lavendy, one of the town's founders, make Turtleback Ferry the central …

  • Fort Rannick

    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/290214/fort_rannick_large.jpg?1391113857(fort_rannick_large.jpg)! _A remote fort, close to Turtleback Ferry._ Funded by Magnimar in return for taxes and other fees paid by the residence …

  • Shimmerglens

    The Shimmerglens are a marshy region between Claybottom Lake and the Sanos Forest. The Shimmerglens have long been shrouded in mystery, for these trackless swamps are said to lie quite close to the First World, particularly where they border Sanos …

  • The Kreegs

    A brutal clan of ogres living north and east of [[Turtleback Ferry]]. They are the sworn enemies of the [[Order of the Black Arrows]]. The Kreegs have lesser allies in the region, including the filthy ogrekin family of the [[Grauls]].

  • Grauls

    The Grauls are notorious in [[Kreegwood]] as one of the more disgusting and aggressive half-ogre families. Not only do these ogrekin have the grit to live close to “man-land,” but they do so with ease, snatching lone hunters and trappers with a quiet …

  • Claybottom Lake

    A lake in central [[Varisia]], fed by the [[Skull River]] and the [[Willow River]]. [[Turtleback Ferry]] is on the north-eastern shore, and [[Pendaka]] on the south shore. It is bounded by the [[Shimmerglens]] on the west. The _[[Paradise]]_ …

  • Skull River

    A river in central [[Varisia]] that flows from the [[Storval Deep]] at [[Skull's Crossing]] south through [[Claybottom Lake]]. It eventually empties into [[Lake Syrantula]].

  • Storval Deep

    Filling the entire valley between the Iron Peaks and the Wyvern Mountains, the Storval Deep is a massive lake held back at its southern tip by an ancient dam, [[Skull's Crossing ]]. It is a border region of the [[Storval Plateau]]

  • Pendaka

    This tiny fishing thorp is perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the southern shores of [[Claybottom Lake]]. With its single combination inn/trading post, the Walleyed Wife, Pendaka’s only claim to fame is local baker Olam Keecher’s delicious …

  • Sanos Forest

    A forest west of the [[Shimmerglens]] and [[Claybottom Lake]]. Although gnomes as a race are extremely tight-lipped about what goes on in the Sanos Forest, there are whispers that somewhere deep in its heart they maintain a gateway to the First World.

  • Hook Mountain

    A large mountain north of [[Turtleback Ferry]], said to be home to numerous ogres and giants, most notoriously [[The Kreegs|the Kreegs]].

  • Willow River

    A small river running from [[Lake Coal]] to [[Claybottom Lake]], past the small village of [[Bitter Hollow]].

  • Lake Syrantula

    A lake of south-central Varisia. Fed from the north by [[Skull River]] and drained to the west by the [[Yondabakari River]].

  • Lake Coal

    A lake at the foot of [[Hook Mountain]]. It drains into the [[Willow River]]. The waters of Lake Coal are dark with silt and black algae. Fishing is poor in Lake Coal—not for lack of fish, but for the ferocity of the large dark gars that dwell therein.

  • Sandpoint

    A small village on the [[Varisian]] coast. [[File:328805 | class=media-item-align-none | Sandpoint2.jpg]]

  • Storval Plateau

    The northeastern half of [[Varisia]] is a landscape starkly contrasted to the rest of the region. Atop the thousand-foot-high [[Storval Rise]] rests the arid and desolate Storval Plateau. Much less populated and hospitable than the lush, fertile lowlands …

  • Storval Stairs

    Built thousands of years ago by the enslaved giants of the [[Thassilon|Thassilonian]] empire, the Storval Stairs are a set of stair-like tiers carved into the side of the western [[Storval Rise]]. Although sized for a gigantic creature, they are by far …

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