The Shimmerglens are a marshy region between Claybottom Lake and the Sanos Forest.

The Shimmerglens have long been shrouded in mystery, for these trackless swamps are said to lie quite close to the First World, particularly where they border Sanos Forest. Capricious and sometimes malicious creatures are known to harass travelers in this domain. The Wicker Walk between Sanos Forest and the hamlet of Bitter Hollow was built expressly to offer travelers a way to cross through the swamps without annoying the area’s denizens, but stories still abound of nixies laying traps to confuse and baff le travelers, of nymphs seducing men and women and leaving them besotted and lost in the marsh, and of sprites stealing supplies and replacing them with rotten fish, poison mushrooms, or disturbing little dolls made of clay and string.

Within the Shimmerglens lies the once beautiful region of Whitewillow. Twisted black trees rise wretchedly from shallow pools, seeming to have lurched from the land, their arthritic branches curled into miserable tortured claws. The sun seems to scorn this place, and a cold, dark mist looms within the canopy of bone-bare branches above. Evil murmurs ride an unnatural wind that f lows forth from the glens, and shadows dance in the dark mists within.

It is in the heart of Whitewillow where Myriana once made her home and where her ghost now lingers, deforming the once beautiful land.


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