Turtleback Ferry

Turtleback Ferry is a small township perched on the rain-drenched north shore of Claybottom Lake. Three distinctive ferries crafted from the shells of giant turtles slain by Autek Lavendy, one of the town’s founders, make Turtleback Ferry the central trading town for the region.
Nearly 80 miles from Ilsurian, the next town of similar size, Turtleback ferry has nominally been under Magnamarian rule for 45 years, an arrangement that the settlement agreed to in return from protection fromt he region’s ogres and ogrekin.

While in town, the party learned a number of rumors:

1) Black Magga, the monster of the Storval Deep, doesn’t stay in that lake. Underwater tunnels connect it to Claybottom Lake, and she comes down here to eat fishermen now and then! I’m sure that’s what happened to the Paradise—Black Magga came down and gobbled up all those filthy sinners!

2) It’s been weeks since we’ve had a visit from the Black Arrows. I’ll be the first to admit they’re not a friendly lot, but they do a good job keeping the ogres and critters in the woods and hills under control. Hope nothing has happened to them!

3) The rains came early this year. Gonna flood out my crops if they don’t let up soon. Last time it rained this early this much, we got floods. That were, what, 40-some years ago? Turned out there were a witch behind it all—she were tryin’ to turn us all into frogs or somethin’ with all the rain!

4) People been disappearin’ lately. And not just them who’s been going into the deep woods. I’m talkin’ fishermen, travelers, people just out on the roads. My money’s on them Grauls—that family’s got ogre blood in them, and once you get ogre blood in you… you just ain’t right!

5) Heard a bunch of fishermen from Pendaka got themselves eaten by Pinkeye the Gar a week ago. Serves the fools right for tangling with a fish bigger than their boat!

6) Heard a few months ago, before all these rains started, that some of the hunters who brave the Valley of Broken Trees for boar found a bunch of enormous footprints. Giant-sized footprints! It’s bad enough we’ve got ogres, but if a giant’s moved into the valley, I sure hope the Black Arrows take care of it soon!

7) The ogres up on the Hook are the cause of all the rain. They done recruited a dragon or something to fly around in the clouds and stir up the storms!

8) Been some weird lights across the lake in the Shimmerglens lately. They don’t show up all the time, but now and then you can see them in the early dawn hours, movin’ around like they was a bunch of people over there carryin’ around lanterns and dancin’ and stuff. Place is haunted, I tells ya!

9) The Paradise sunk—it’s a tragedy, I’ll agree. But know what? Good riddance, I say. I know it ain’t nice to wish ill on no one, but I hope that strumpet Lucrecia’s at the bottom of the lake as well. Tartin’ around town with her chest all pushed out and flashing leg with every other step…. That type of walk might go over well down in Korvosa, but we’re respectable folk here! Wouldn’t be surprised to find out Paradise sunk on account of her bringing down Erastil’s judgment on the whole sinful lot of ’em!

10) So I noticed my uncle had a weird star-shaped tattoo on his shoulder the other day. I asked him about it, and he just got all angry and tol’ me to mind my own. Thing is, though… that ain’t the first time I seen that kinda tattoo. Lotsa folks got ’em here. They hide ’em good enough, but you keep an eye out, you’ll see one on an ankle or arm or back here and there, sure enough. I don’t got one, though, I tell you! Tattoos is sinful business!

1!) The dam up north, between the Storval Deep and Skull River, is haunted by all of those who have drowned hereabouts. The skulls carved on the dam let the ghosts watch you when you approach!

12) No one believes me, but that leader of the Black ArrowsBayden’s his name, I think—he’s got something going on over across the lake. I seen him comin’ and goin’ from Whitewillow, and so’s my friends. I’m pretty sure he’s up to no good. Nothing friendly lives in swamps, after all!

Turtleback Ferry

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